Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

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I am so glad we got to see him in concert 3 times.

He could do anything.

He was a perfectionist, here he is rehearsing a special song for Hungary, notice when he sings it live he’s reading the lyrics off his hand so he gets it right.


My favorite Freddie Mercury story is about the time he humiliated a homophobe who showed up at one of his concerts:

In Queen: The Early Years, there’s a story from somebody who had worked with Queen at a show in Manchester: “Queen had just taken the stage, and this bloke shouted to Freddie, ‘You fucking poof.’ . . . Freddie demanded that the crew turn the spotlight on the crowd and find this fella. He then said to him, ‘Say that again, darling,’ and the bloke didn’t know what to do. . . . I saw him literally shrink this six-foot bloke down to an inch.”


Rest in power, queen.


My you rest in peace Freddie mercury, you left this world to soon, but you have brought pleasure to us all that listern to your songs and Queen the group the world is minus one of the best.

This popped up on one of my SiriusXM channels.

They didn’t to it in its entirety live very often, just another example that he could sing anything.

And some day I’m going to make a super cut of the microphone hand offs when he would sit or stand up from the piano. I wonder if the guy ever missed the hand off or dropped it.

Also, way to go bootleg video guy in 1980, had to be 8mm, I think a video camera would have been too big to sneak in.

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