This Queen outtake is everything

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I think that still photo is flipped, as the drummer and bassist have swapped places. Here’s the original for reference.


this is fantastic. god i miss freddie mercury.


Everyone with good taste misses Freddie Mercury.
(And can’t you just hear him say “And quite a few of those with bad taste, too”?)

I regret not seeing them live. To be fair, I was about 10 or 11 when they last toured, so it was unlikely I’d have gone to see them. I certainly got more into music a few years after that, and realised what we were missing. Live at Wembley '86 got a lot of play…

I’ve not been tempted to see the new Queen + (Paul Rogers|Adam Lambert). It’s not that they’d be bad gigs - I suspect that, knowing how high the bar is, everyone would bust their balls and give their utmost to entertain the crowd. If I happened upon tickets through a competition or somesuch, I’d be happy to go.

But it won’t be Freddie. I can lose myself in that moment and enjoy the gig, but afterwards - will that regret be more intense?

It’s complicated. And emotional. And that we still feel this way - 29 years after he’s passed on - is a testament to how much he meant to us all.

God I miss Freddie Mercury.


Thank you! This was bugging the heck outta me.

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i was too young to see them in their heyday in the 70s, and even by '86 i wasn’t really going to concerts much. not seeing them is a huge regret, for sure. it’s nice that Queen and freddie get so much love these days… freddie would’ve loved it.


One Vision was great in the aerial combat scenes at the end of Iron Eagle. It really rounded out a good soundtrack. I didn’t even know I was into Queen as a kid because I liked the song before I knew it was by them.

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I wish for a Queen reunion with this guy. Best I’ve heard.

Just like Journey with the new guy


The GIF was made using Days Of our lives DVD/Bluray documentary released in 2011.


I was lucky to see Queen live in 1977 (their “News of the World” tour) in Fort Worth, TX. It was my first concert, and it set the bar impossibly high for all future concerts.


Here’s a mini-documentary on the making of One Vision. It’s lovely:

One part I liked was when the band was trying to figure out how to finish the, “one flesh, one bone, …?” part and I think it’s Roger that quietly blurts out “true religion” which gets briefly ignored until Freddie is like, “yes!!”

And of course no discussion of One Vision is complete without this:

Which cleverly plays with just how dark One Vision can be if you interpret its meaning just a little differently.

Hey, that’s no excuse. I recently learned that I was at a Johnny Cash concert when I was maybe a year and a half!

(But sadly, missed out on Queen!)

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For a man I’ve only just met, you’re trying awfully hard to make me hate you… :wink:

That is one hell of a first gig though. Congratulations, and I hope you had a few more gigs that at least approached that bar!

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