Watch the trailer for Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody"

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This will be my Marvel movie. Seriously. Grew up with them and will forever love them. Saw them live when I was 15. No one, including Michael Jackson in his prime, could top them for putting on a live show.


Bryan Singer directed much of the principal photography before he was fired and replaced by Dexter Fletcher who completed the movie.

No explanation on this? Seems incredibly odd to drop this tidbit and not bother expanding on it. Why even bring it up then?

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My wife is probably already trying to buy tickets.


Ok, updated with a link. Thanks!


A few months ago my wife and I discussed which musical act we would most liked to have seen. I immediately said Jimi Hendrix, thinking there could be nothing better. She said her choice would be Queen with Freddie Mercury. I suddenly started rethinking my answer.


Hopefully that didn’t come off wrong, i was more puzzled than anything else as i found that last bit interesting. Thanks for the link

Edit: Reading the news behind his firing is indeed curious and interesting. He missed several days of shooting, reasons behind it are vague “health and family matters” though there’s this bit of speculation:

A source also said that Tom Hollander, who plays Jim Beach, departed the film due to Singer’s behavior, but was persuaded to return.

My first concert. They opened with Flash.

[wump wump wump wump wump wump wump wump]

…and these 2 giant like light pod things slowly take off from the stage.

It was awesome. :exploding_head:


i never saw them live, either, being just a bit too young, but being a kid in the 70s wouldn’t have been complete without them. i can’t wait for this movie.


This is going to be a puffpiece film whitewashed to hell, and I will see it opening night and love it.


Does anyone else remember Dexter Fletcher in Press Gang? Which also starred Julia Sawalha who went on to be a notable British actor (Ab Fab among other successful British TV series).
Ah, they don’t make them like that any more…

It took me a long while to realise Dexter Fletcher had gone on to have a successful career as a film director. Let’s hope he was able to seamlessly pick up and complete this one - I’m looking forward to it.


Queen put out some of the best music ever. Still love their music and I’m sure my wife and I will be there when it comes around to the local. Hope the theater has a great sound system. !

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I wondered what had happened to him after Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The other one thats “been in the works” for years is the Keith Moon story. hurry up.

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From what I’ve read this movie had all sorts of problems starting with recasting Sasha Baron Cohen. He had ‘creative differences’ with the remaining members of Queen:

Also - could be wrong but the harmony on Bohemian Rhapsody was just overlaid tracks of Freddie’s voice - not the band as shown in the trailer. Wonder if this is indicative of the ‘facts’ as this movie shows - or a whitewashed puffpiece as another mentioned?

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Memories of the 70s aren’t complete without a bus full of kids stomping and clapping and chanting We Will Rock You.


Rami Malek. Come on. I want a good Mr. Robot mashup/spoof.


The liner notes of A Night at the Opera have the credit “Operatic Vocals: Roger, Brian, and Freddie.” So John Deacon shouldn’t be there, but otherwise it’s OK.

70’s? Still going strong in the 90’s, at minimum.

Freddie died when I was in college, so I never got to see them either. Last year, the remaining members were playing in Seattle with Adam Lambert. I didn’t go, because I didn’t think it could be that good, but apparently Lambert is excellent and now I’ve probably missed my last chance to see Queen.

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