Watch the trailer for Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody"


adam lambert? whoa, who knew?


I mean, he’s not Freddie Mercury, but, then … no one is.


Sacha Baron Cohen would have been amazing as Mercury in my opinion. I was saddened when he left the project. That said, Rami Malik seems to be killing it in the trailer so there’s hope.

Not necessarily. Roger Taylor did the high notes and they all sang in the harmonies. I’m pretty sure this has been shown in documentary footage in the past. (Perhaps not for BR specifically but certainly in footage of other songs of theirs with similar harmonizing.)


We saw that show. Lambert was okay. He made an effort. Could he really fill Freddie’s shoes? No, not by a long shot. Brian May can still play pretty good, one of the better bits was Roger Taylor doing a drum duet with his son.


I remember him from GamesMaster.


Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.


I think exactly the same when I see Andrew from Teachers killing zombies.




Of course, if you want Freddie Mercury’s music, all you have to do is leave a cassette in your car for a while.


My dad’s cars were weird (maybe they still are). They seemed to turn Queen’s Greatest Hits cassettes into Runrig tapes.

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