Scientists study Queen singer Freddie Mercury's voice


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I do not think this is a proper subject of scientific inquiry.


I was about to say “finally these ivory tower eggheads are using science for something worthwhile.” :wink:


It’s not just because I loathe Queen. It’s because it’s a goddam matter of opinion.


It was his amazingly awesomenessfully teeth that gave him his signature yodel like resonance.

It is a Scientific fact!


Don’t hold back, now; let it all out. Tell us how you really feel about it…



PIPES. It’s all about pipes.


Anyway the wind blows… something something something…



This study presents an acoustical analysis of his voice production and singing style

His awesomeness is still a matter of faith. :smile:


I like these improvisations he would do with the crowd.


It was cock.


I know people (plural) who have worshipped Freddie Mercury. Literally. And perhaps wilder still, I’m not sure they were wrong to. :laughing: :sweat:


Freddie Mercury sang Bohemian Rhapsody? Huh, I always thought it was these guys.


We are no longer friends.


As wonderful of a singer as Mercury was, it was Roger Taylor that would sing all the crazy high notes.


Last month I was in an SUV full of international travelers on a tour and the driver played this song… when it got to the head banging part I started in and… nuthin’. We’re clearly not exporting our best stuff.


I trust you hid the bodies well.


I know right, she ain’t no human being.


Is it because of their amazing songwriting, their glamourous appearance, Freddie´s awe-inspiring moustache? Maybe it´s the sheer power to ROCK that´s bothering you?


30 years ago I was stuck on the M25 near London and when I looked in the glovebox for the Specials album I thought I’d stashed there all I could find was a Best of Queen cassette I couldn’t remember having bought. Not the last time, either.