David Bowie and Freddy Mercury singing "Under Pressure," a capella

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Simple and beautiful to the point that it has got me crying.

Two great ones lost before their time…

I’m as blown by the loss of these two greats as everyone else. Is it possible we can stop calling isolated vocal tracks “a capella” though? They’re singing along to the music, not doing it without accompaniment. You can hear the bleed through of one of the guitar parts.


Seconded. I have an awesome a capella recording of “What I Got,” but I don’t think it’s Sublime. It’s a true a capella - whoever it is beatboxes, and hums the guitar bits.

EDIT: Wow, thanks, internet! I guess it’s 311. Now that’s a capella!

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Agreed, this is the second time I’ve been suckered in by a Boing Boing headline about “Freddy Mercury A Capella” to find an isolated vocal track. It’s frustrating.


Freddy Mercury, holy smokes. That guy could sing! This song will never lose its appeal.

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