Beach Boys perform acapella version of "Wouldn't it Be Nice"


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I hate the trend of calling isolated vocal tracks “acapella”. Yes, we are listening “without accompaniment”, but the performers were not when they recorded the track. A distinction worth remembering.

(Also yes, I will flog this horse into the ground. Thank you very much.)


Déjà vu:


I recommend everyone pick up the box set for pet sounds. This track and all of the tracks from the album are presented as vocals only and instrumentals only. Awesome stuff.

Theses also a disc of alternative takes and versions (different lead singers, etc).


Very nice, Thanks Mark.


Wouldn’t it be nice if they had done an actual All-Vocal version? They certainly had the chops for it. The no-instruments version just feels weird because of the gaps where the instruments filled in.


I must be tired. When I first read the title I though it said, “Beastie Boys perform acapella version of “Wouldn’t it be Nice””.


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