Hear the sublime isolated vocals for the Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't it Be Nice'


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This is taken from disc 3 of this amazing 4-CD box set: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pet_Sounds_Sessions


The words “Wouldn’t it be nice” next to a photo of a bunch of guys hanging out with goats.

Makes one think.


Wouldn’t it be…


That made my day.


That explains it. I was going to ask how someone pulled the vocals from the mix. This is essentially impossible as far as I understand it. It would be a wonderful technology though. Maybe some AI wizard could come up with a program that can do it.


As an owner of the box set I can confirm that this is not somethings some dude put together. There’s an entire CD of vocals only and one that’s all instrumentals.


Hearing these isolated vocals one can hear how strongly the Beach Boys were influenced by college-lad harmony groups like the Lettermen and the Four Freshmen. I would have rejected the comparison back in the 60s–sweater-boy groups were the ultimate in uncool–but in retrospect it’s an interesting example of how musical styles intermingle and evolve.


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