"Bohemian Rhapsody" performed in the style of 42 famous musicians


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/29/bohemian-rhapsody-performe.html


Do Salieri.


As my daughter narrows down her choices to three colleges to attend in 2019 to study for a Bachelor’s in Voice…I hope she does fun things like this in the future.

Note: Really REALLY liked the Soggy Bottom Boys making an appearance.


This is brilliant!

And an example of some wonderful things with which I could do more of lately.


Well done. This guy could have done Live Aid all by himself.


I’m impressed how he picks just the right part to show off each impression. I don’t think I mean stereotypes, but he nails those styles, I recognised nearly all of them without the subtitle.


When the Johnny Cash part started I broke out laughing. The Bowie was even better.


The one I had a hard time with was Nirvana…that really didn’t capture their sound well for me.


And made me wonder how it was he never covered it. Lyrically right up his alley.


I now want to hear a full version by Johnny Cash and one by the Chordettes.


And then there’s this. (Trust me, wait till the headbanging bit. If you were too curmudgeonly to smile before that, you will then. I did, and I’m a professional curmudgeon.):





Thank you for that.


am i imagining things, or did he do Skrillex twice?


Never mind that (although yes, and some others twice) but what did you make of his impression of you?


No Beach Boys? I am disappoint. I can imagine Brian Wilson-style harmony arrangements meshing very well with this.


i dunno – i guess i see the similarity, but i think he should’ve tried to capture the swinging Capitol years, not my later stuff.




It’s not a stereotype – more a signature. In many cases he captured the group or singer’s signature sound quite well. Some were not so good, though.

The ones that fell particularly flat for me were Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar, and NWA. Those came off as more lazy generic genre stereotypes than honest attempts to capture the group’s signature sound.