Listen to NPR's new public domain superhero musical, Micro-Face

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micro-face eh? should’ve gone with Dogwelder

Feckless aside: is the circular COMMENTS button o’ doom (or CCBOD) getting more prevalent?
(y’know you click the COMMENTS button and it just takes you to the top of the posting you’re already looking at) …perhaps this is supposed to be a ‘feature’ somehow?

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It seems to be. I find there are certain posters who always post with the CCBOD (love the acronym). I have no idea whether they don’t realize they’re doing it wrong, don’t care, or have some other nefarious purpose in keeping us from the comments.

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Added CCBOD to the glossary


From MODOK’s point of view every hero he fights is a micro-face.


My wife got me the Micro-face comic for father’s day. it was very NPR-y, but plenty of old-school dead simple superhero fun. I’ve fallen off Planet Money, but mostly because I’ve realized my ideal podcast tone for my stress levels right now is “Funny people taking relatively unserious things very seriously” (Doughboys, Blank Check, etc…) rather than “Nerdy People take a skewed look at super serious topics.”

This whole series was great. I don’t know of an easy way to listen to just the Micro-Face related episodes, because the series is spread over years. If there’s a playlist somewhere, I hope someone will post it.

It started as an investigation of intellectual property rights for superheroes and spun off into all sorts of interesting side things about the industry. They did also manage to find and acquire “the podcaster superhero” (designed long before anyone imagine such tech would exist), which is pretty funny.

I feel that. My only beef with Planet Money (aside from the annoying libertarian bias that keeps showing up) is that they treat some very serious topics that are ruining lives as “wacky fun statistical puzzles” to nerd out about.

Also +1 for Blank Check. That show is great. :grin:

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