Listen to Prince's personal party playlist


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A wonderfully funky list!


Questlove tells a story about the time he DJ’d one of Prince’s parties and tried to play a setlist of Fela Kuti jams, but Prince didn’t dig it, fired him, and played Finding Nemo instead.



The playlist in Google Music


It’s not a very good party playlist. Needs some Prince.


Whoa–he has the Jacksons on there–apparently he wasn’t a hater of the 5. Just the youngest! :wink:


Candy Dulfer for bonus!

If there is an afterlife, I like to think Heath Ledger now has his partner to open the most exclusive club on the River Styx (where all the best people go, not that snooze-fest in the clouds).


Spoiler Alert - (Do 4 minute music videos need those???)

Killing all the attendees at your Party, does not seem to make for a very good “PartyMan”…at least not one where you would be invited back.


Being played out by Prince…there are worse ways to go…


Prince was a very religious man…


But if he had come to my house, sharing his good news, handing out the Watchtower, I’d let him say his piece… cause it’s Prince.


Likewise, but I doubt I’d attend well to his message. I imagine most would simply repeat over and over (in their head or otherwise) “It’s Prince, he’s at my door and he’s preaching to me!”


True, but his religion had some unusual beliefs about the afterlife. I say unusual, not odd, because there is no afterlife for anyone, on or off Earth.


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