The Grandmaster Flash 'Do Not Play List' playlist

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No Despacito?

“Including Michael Jackson’s entire catalog”

checks list 3 Songs.

Umm, I think he had a few more than that.

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Either this is a joke, or GF’s self-confidence is smaller than trump’s penis. Mini-Master Flash? Minimal Flash? Sad Sputter?

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I’m glad “Living on a Prayer” made the list, though being on the list reminded me of the song’s existence.


To be fair, many of those songs ARE overplayed a/f; a good DJ doesn’t want to be too predictable.


I hope Kid Creole and the Coconuts is not on that list.

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Was the macarena on there?

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I see quite a few on there I love, although I understand why an artist might restrict the opening DJ from playing certain songs. (I’d be looking askance if he was asking a band to not play their own material, however.)

Out of curiosity, would anyone with a Spotify account be willing to export this playlist as a CSV file? :smiley:

it’s weird how a whole section of breaks doesn’t even have the artists listed, but they’re all instantly recognizable by the title to anyone who plays original breaks. Apache is Incredible Bongo Band, We’ve Just Begun is Jimmy Castor Bunch, Pump Me Up is a go-go band… I have most of these but I can’t recall all the bands, either lol.

similarly, Pharrell is listed as the group for Nothin’ and it’s true he’s why everyone likes it (although everyone thinks of him and forgets it was him and Chad Hugo as Neptunes as producers) but really the release was under the rapper’s name: Noriega/NORE. and Afro Puffs by “Rage” is an abbreviation of Lady of Rage. not that anybody is necessarily interested but these type of things stood out to me.


There are some classic old school stuff I am sure he wants to mix himself.

For a great old school set, IMO, Liam from Prodigy put out the Dirt Chamber Sessions. I really wish he would have done more. It said Volume 1, where are the others??

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Hey, I feel the same way about More Bounce:


this is great and not what I expected at all, given the 2 songs by Prodigy that I’ve heard. he’s squeezed pretty much every break in there


Liam cut his teeth as a DJ before transitioning to the rave scene. And then transitioning to more of the UK Big Beat sound, making their own mark on Electronica.

For me, this was an introduction into a long form old school DJ set. Before that my earliest exposure would have been songs on the 2nd side of a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s I’m the DJ, He’s the Rapper tape. I still have never seen a set performed live, but I did go through a phase where I would find and download sets and just groove.One of my favorites from that time was also a DJ Jazzy Jeff set, but from like the mid 2000s.

Touch Of Jazz, oh yeah. never had the record but I copped that single when I found it used in the 2000s. overshadowed by Will, people don’t realize what a world-class DJ Jeff is. I got to see him live in the 2000s, he is the real deal fo’ sho.

you might be interested in Soundbombing 2. it’s every single put out that year on the Rawkus record label at the height of their powers, mixed by J-Roc and Babu from the Beatjunkies. 1 has great material but the mix is nothing special, and by 3 Rawkus was falling off, but 2 is literally perfect. the Beatjunkies have a bunch of their own great mixes, too


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