Listen to Shaq's new nü-metal song

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Season 3 GIF by Parks and Recreation



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What an odd sample to use for that. I barely recognized it in the background. It seems like it’s underleveraged.

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Nu metal or wrap featuring a sample from the era of nu metal? Come now

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Agreed, this is just a rap song with a nu metal sample. Being a big metal fan I was let down.


Uh, wikipedia says his “Superfriends” include Limp Bizkit.

I can’t pass hard enough on that. :nauseated_face:

Theres one whole verse with him going on and on about maps.

And explorin’ the boat where it’s blue on the map
You ain’t got nothin’ to do on the map
I been on the map, you’re new on the map
You couldn’t do what I do with a map
I got it mapped, my room is a map
I get lost when I go for a nap

I are confused.

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