Listen to Su tissue’s 1982 classical record, Salon De Musique

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This is really fantastic- had it on repeat for a couple of hours now.
sadly can’t find this version on spotify.

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Sublime and delightful to the ears, the senses, takes you away and back home to a comforting place.


Really beautiful.
Anyone know of plans to rerelease this in non-vinyl form?

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I discovered the Suburban Lawns album maybe five years ago and really love it.

I remember seeing Something Wild on tv as a kid and feeling that it had a special quality. Several years ago it made the rounds on my local tv stations and I rediscovered and re-watched a lot. Now, of course, I know who Jonathan Demme is and can articulate the “special quality” better; it was perfectly cast, and notable for many great cameos, which brings us back to Su Tissue. When I was poking around the internet for info on the Lawns, someone posted about her role in SW and it just knocked me out.

Leave it to Demme to cast a rock star not as a scene-stealing focal point, but as the most subtle wallflower in the whole picture. Likewise, leave it to Su to interpret the role so liminal-ly, she brings an entirely different energy into the scenes she’s in.

And speaking of those scenes and musicians, the band playing the function where the protagonists meet Su is The Feelies (who are a lot like early R.E.M. except from New Jersey) doing awesome pop covers of the day (Bowie’s “Fame,” among others.)

I never heard about Tissue’s other music before so I’m excited to session it now.


that would be because R.E.M.'s sound was heavily influenced by The Feelies. and now i have the strongest urge to listen to Zeitgeist/Reivers… Austin’s bastard child from the two.


just special times

I just discovered Su Tissue a few weeks ago. It’s super disappointing that Salon De Musique isn’t on Spotify, but I did find this album with a performance of 2nd Movement.

And the other piece on the album is a really fantastic performance of Terry Riley’s In C

I saw Suburban Lawns at a Eugene, Oregon bar in 1981. They’d recently played at Knott’s Berry Farm. Her outfit obscured her form and gauze from the brim of her hat tucked into her frock hid her face. I thought at the time how it led to focus on the sound rather than on her person. It was very interesting and of course no one I knew had the record until much later so the music was all new to us.


Listening to Suburban Lawns is amazing experience. She sounds like a cross between Lene Lovich and Blossom Dearie.

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