Listen to the best whistler in the world

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Good for him that he’s a regular whistler … he seems a bit overinflated.


Chris “No Soul” Ulman


If you were looking for a tutorial…


i used to be able to do that tongue whistle pretty well, but my adult teeth eventually finished their plate tectonics, the ones i whistled with are too crooked now. i can do it, but the tone isn’t clear anymore.

you could take it as a trip, but i swear, based on what was in the video, i could give that guy a run for his money. and i wouldn’t be looking like a square while i did it. i mean, Andrew Bird is better than this guy, how the hell is he the world champ?

ETA Ethiopian people get really weirded out when you whistle around them. i think they consider it rude? my friend would hem and haw, she didn’t want to insult me, but she was taken aback that i would whistle around her.

anybody? what gives?


That GIF…

Sure, he’s good, but this guy will always be my favorite.


I remember that guy! Whatever happened to…brb…

I believe this is Ralph Giese’s Facebook page.

And this seems to be his latest playlist: Whistler’s Muthers.

No longer has the 1980’s mustache, but apparently still whistling.


You’re doing it wrong, then.

I’m also a decent whistler. He has to take a breathe, to keep whistling, I can whistle on my intake too. I used to be loud, too, as I could frequently be heard over the lawnmower engine while I cut yards. Playing a clarinet (1st chair, and being as loud as in the middle of the trumpet section, the days of marching band…) probably helped in that matter. My diaphragm now isn’t what it used to be way back when.

Chapstick, yes, I can understand that.


Kelly & Company! WXYZ channel 7

that show had really great jazz flute theme music.

Best whistler? Don’t know about that. But I like that he chose the theme song of Yodobashi Camera to demonstrate his skill. He sure knows where to shop in Tokyo!

English version and a more modern one:

Can’t let this go without one from Roger Whittaker…

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