Listen to X's Alphabetland right now

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Reboing, and one that’s only separated by a single shop post:

But I appreciate the embedded player. I’m really enjoying this and may have to get reckless with my spending a little and get it.

Or really reckless and get their whole discography…

ETA I missed the link to the original BB post in the first paragraph. Also, I don’t know why the Rolling Stones article linked to in the first post says it’s been 27 years when even on the Bandcamp page they are saying 35 years.


Am I missing something, or is the new album not even remotely punk? I’d call that family-friendly rock music, this is what’s punk in my book:

:heavy_check_mark:︎ not selling out (pay what you want)
:heavy_check_mark:︎ simple raw music you can sing along to even after 17 beers
:heavy_check_mark:︎ a lot of anger
:heavy_check_mark:︎ criticising the bourgeoise

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Yup -surprisingly good. Have to point out that Cyrano de Berger’s Back is an old song from John Doe’s and DJ Bonebrake’s side project, The Flesheaters
I like this version better, but now I gotta relisten to the original.,a_Second_to_Die(album)

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Delta88 is one of their earliest songs. Early demo versions of it and Cyrano can be found as bonus tracks on the 2001 re-release of Los Angeles.


knew of them since the 80s, but not KNEW them. they were the openers at a concert i went to in L.A. last september, and were fantastic. loud, fast and tight. even tho i am late to the party (by about 30 years) i was excited to stream this.

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Delta 88 saw release even earlier on 1997’s Beyond and Back anthology, along with a ton of other great material, either unreleased or live material, mostly. was happy to hear it today, but never heard Cyrano before.
one of my favorite moments of that anthology, Exene introduces Nausea with a bit of goss

really happy about Alphabetland

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Sorry but when Exene went full conspiracy wackadoo a few years back (Sandy Hook was a hoax!) I signed out of X hype. Too bad too, I used to really like them. Billy Zoom has been a right wing christian since the 90s but at least he didn’t talk much.

Honestly the Southern California punk scene was much more right wing than most people care to understand. Sure they kicked out nazis and mostly hated Regan, but go read American Hardcore or Rock and the Pop Narcotic and its endless psychotic political rants to get a true taste of the mentality.

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Well, using your tick boxes as a guide, I’d say they tick all of them. They sound a bit like X-Ray Spex, you, know, British punk band, not a New York art-punk band.

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