Listening to users is the first step in making them secure


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the world needs it to be from a thing :slight_smile:


There is a conceptual disconnect between computers as complex technological devices, and hopes of selling billions of them as consumer electronics. Your average user is also the administrator of their own personal network of devices, and one cannot be expected to be an effective admin without developing at least some skill in that area. It sounds idealistic to suppose that people should be able to use complex devices such as networked computers without knowing anything, just because it would be convenient if it were somehow possible. Don’t complain if your need to profit by selling computers to everybody yields a population of people who are unable or unwilling to use them well.


I think that’s why closed box things like iPads are doing so well right now. You aren’t the administrator of your iPad. You have some administrator rights, but not all of them. Same with gaming consoles which have been around a good long while.

I want to be the administrator of my own computer, but I think for most people that really isn’t what is useful to them. It’s too large a skill set for a device that was supposed to be making their lives easier. I’m probably the only person in my office who actually uses the fact that we have general purpose computing at our fingertips. I think having that much power and not knowing how to use it is a big part of why some people are so afraid of computers.


They just complain at length about the support costs and hire staff who are unable to use them well :persevere:

Hell, many of them are unable to budget for properly training the support staff.

I imagine most have never even seen the product they’re describing.


It’s from an art book I stumbled upon a while back, I’ll pm you a link


That’s silly, everybody in IT knows you need to TELL people what to do.

If THEY don’t LISTEN, it’s all pebkac lusers!

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