Little girl is sad after learning Scar kills Mufasa in 'The Lion King'


The Michael Bay reboot’s not much better, either.


For me, The Lion King was the pinnacle of traditional Disney animated movies (the CGI stuff from Pixar I consider on another level)

The animation, the voice acting, the score all were top-notch and meshed into a powerful story.

(of the Pixar movies, I gotta go with Ratatouille, those kitchen scenes were so great)


I was sadder when Simba killed Scar (or pushed him off the cliff, whatever). Jeremy Irons was the best thing about that film by a million miles.

It was as rubbish an ending as when Tom Cruise’s character got killed in Collateral.

Am I siding with the wrong characters?

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My God, people can’t do any damn thing without recording and uploading, can they?


That kid is great. She’s obviously upset, but playing it a little cool. Not flat-out bawling, but trying hard not to.

Also, great dad.


Don’t ever show her Old Yeller.

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Or Bambi . . .

I got one just like her. She hasn’t seen it yet, and I keep talking around what happens to Mufasa because I know it won’t go well.

I´ll raise you one Grave of the Fireflies. Just kidding, never show that one to a small child, unless you want to end that childhood prematurely.


Maybe I was just a little too old when I first saw the movie; but isn’t violent death at the hands of jealous non-heirs just part of The Circle of Life™ when you are a hereditary monarch?


I felt bad for the hyenas. Every other animal gets to participate in the Circle of Life but them. What kind of message is that?

Don’t cry little girl. Or if you must then weep for the discrimination against the hyenas.

How can you sympathize with the hyenas? Their presence causes terrain type ‘sunlit savanna’ to change to terrain type ‘volcanic barrens/corrupt’. Only neutral evil or chaotic evil creatures do that.

(Whatever do you mean 'just having racial alignments be absolute and baked into the metaphysics of the universe is unbelievably lazy and ethically problematic?! If it was good enough for Tolkien…)


Oh shit, I just realized The Lion King is goddamned Hamlet without a drowning.

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We had this conversation in my household recently, after watching Big Hero Six. Spoilers (for every Disney animated movie, and some other studios as well)…

I hope my six year old son never becomes a Disney animated protagonist, because that will mean his parents (that’s me and my wife!) will be dead, dead, dead.

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Maybe the unofficial and wonderfully awful 3D version will cheer her up. It always gets my daughters giggling:

Disney’s “Lion King” - in 3D!

Have you looked at them? Those guys are ugly, of course they don´t get to participate in the Circle of Life™.

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Oh, yeah, hyenas are ugly but are beautiful. Okay, baby warthogs are pretty cute. The first time I watched Animals Are Beautiful People I was a little sad when the little baby warthog lost his mother. But it’s not like I cried or anything.

Excuse me. I have something in my eye.

This just in: The Dark Knight Rises is just a A Tale of Two Cities with Batman and a bomb.

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