Watch: young male lion attacked by pack of 20 hyenas


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I didn’t know The Lion King was based on a true story.


@frauenfelder no video linky…


I guess it’s this one:


they should have sent some frenzied calls out to Ntwadumela - cause he is the hyena killer


… or not; thank you very much.


Yeah, not really into seeing horrific violence, even if it is “nature”. But at least the post is very clearly labeled. (And since the post is by Mark and not Rob, I’m assuming the label is accurate.)


Hey, now. We don´t know both side of the story. Quite possible that the lion was a racist twat who just told the hyenas to get the fuck out of “his” pridelands just before the video started.


Poor Simba :frowning:


It’s like YouTube clickbait - “see a boa constrictor eat three warthogs” . In the age of mass extinctions and climate change the BBC is utter sh*t.





sometimes of course a pride of lions will find a few hyenas and do this same thing, and it’s weird how it doesn’t seem the same. Maybe because lions are cats, and I know cats? or maybe bec lions seem so familiar, considering their place in storytelling traditions? It’s still the same horrible situation.



I was fascinated by these shows when i was a kid, now I don’t care for a minute of it. I would assume the older i got it would be even easier to watch. What happened… I saw enough? Or, maybe there is already enough violence I’ve become aware of and don’t care to tolerate more?


One of the best Disney villian songs ever. Its criminal that it will not be in the new lion king (so I heard).


While people tend to think of hyenas as some kind of canid, they are actually more closely related to cats.


Someone please tell me he made it.


Every substitute teacher can relate to this video.


Also no interest in watching this either. You can do better BB.


Fun fact: they both belong to the Order/sub-order of Carnivora Feliformia, but different Families. So sorta like hillbilly cousins who feud.