Watch: young male lion attacked by pack of 20 hyenas


Are you…


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We should send large LED televisions with access to fight comp videos from like 6th Street or Boston to African wildlife preserves.

fair is fair.

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The lion lives, btw, another lion showed up and chased the hyenas away.

As the editing isn’t great (I have really come to hate nature doc editing, it is usually so obviously manipulative), something else could have happened, but they do show the hyena-mauled lion with another lion, so he seems to have made it.

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Having not seen the episode yet I’m speculating here - but mass extinction/climate change is front and centre in all of the recent BBC wildlife documentary series.

The new BBC series addresses the terrifyingly high level of wildlife extinction (for example, 95% of tigers have disappeared in the last century) and mentions drought and conflict along with encroaching human communities…

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I hear his nickname was “American Democracy”, so…

Sweet! There’s hope for us after all.

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