Live EarthCam footage captures Manhattan cloaked in thick smoke from wildfires, roughly Pantone Bright Orange C

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Wow. If you skip ahead in that 8-hour video, the visibilty in NYC looks worse than with proverbial London fog.

Maybe shit like this will at least get more members of the Powers That Be to finally fucking do something about climate change.

Maybe like, the U.S. will sue Canada for um, growing too many trees? :person_shrugging: :sob:


Well, if nobody does anything about climate change, then Canada having too many trees is on its way to being fixed. :disappointed:



Here in fabulous Harrisburg, PA, our air quality index is 391 making breathing a real pleasure.


The air in Ottawa was off the charts at the bad end of the pollution scale. Essentially you couldn’t go outside without breathing apparatus.

I hate to say it, but I’m kind glad that the US is getting the brunt of this right now. The US needs to get serious about climate change right the hell yesterday, and maybe having their air ruined by our climate fires will spur some action. This is only going to get worse, too.

Canada is doing pretty well on climate action. We have a carbon tax (the only financial method for fighting climate change that evidence-based economists all agree on). Our electrical grid is something like 80% renewable (mostly hydro) and we’re eliminating all coal and most gas by the end of this year. All good things. It’s all pointless if the US doesn’t start pulling its weight in this fight, though.

In the immediate term, the US is sending a lot of firefighting aid up here. We’re a tiny country with mind-bogglingly huge forests, and we don’t have the resources to fight fires this big. For the really remote northern ones, we just let ‘em burn because there’s nothing else we can do.


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Maybe Canada and most of the rest of the world should sue the U.S.!

I kid, but I do wonder what it’s going to take to spur those who can do something into doing it.


This is what I use to check ice coverage in the winter, they upload the previous day daily.

This was my neck of the woods yesterday. Today you can definitely smell something and the air is really heavy. We worked outside early this morning but decided to wrap it up early because of my asthma. I’m a gonna take a few minor precautions despite what Fox News told me.


Yep that’s roughly how the Bay area sky looked for a few days back in 2020, when all that ash was hanging in the air from that season’s wildfires.

Not fun, NY has my sincere sympathies…


In a just world, countries that don’t pollute so much should absolutely be able to sue those who do.

Unfortunately, those are also the countries with “fuck your lawsuits” power.


My Aussie student was telling me about Canberra 2020 when the AQI was above 400.
Except she misremembered; it was above 4000.
I just can’t process these concepts. Like living in an active volcano.

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