Lobster rescued from Virginia Red Lobster

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It’s Survival of the Fittest Cutest.


someone has to do a follow up story on the person who recognized the unique lobster for what it was and didn’t just chuck it under the broiler.


Good summary. It really boiled it down for me.


“The orange and black freckled lobster…”

They make it sound like they were doing the right thing but really they were just enforcing their strict “Red” Lobster policy.


Kudos to the employees of the Red Lobster for recognizing this rare specimen and getting it safely delivered to the Living Museum in Newport News.


Freckles to the other lobsters in the tank as she got rescued:


Gotta be a cute lobster. Awwwwwww! (The Simpsons) - YouTube


My brain had to imagine a scenario where the employees didn’t recognize Freckles as special, and a customer ended up getting the MOST special Red Lobster dinner ever (which were hard words to type).

Imagine also if that diner was a marine biologist, who just slumped in their banquette seat and moaned to themselves.

ps: I hope that 10 gallon tank in the museum is just a temporary quarantine tank, otherwise the rest of Freckles’ life is going to suuuuuuck pretty badly.

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they are all red when they are done in that kitchen


It would be difficult to deny that cute (or at least unusual) coloring does make it more fit for survival in this environment.

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As an omnivore (which is to say, an accomplice) I note that the rest of the shipment was cooked and eaten, so who the fuck are they kidding?

As the worlds infestation of humans rages unabated, and the population of lobsters (and pretty much all other wildlife bigger than two inches or so) plummets, I’ll try my best to find joy in the fact that the also-declining population of calicos represents a marginally larger proportion of surviving lobsters.

(Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!)


That lobster was probably safer inside the lobster trap as opposed to out in the open.

(On a dive some time ago I noticed a sheep crab that was captured inside a ghost lobster trap, and it subsisted on whatever floated through the trap, and it eventually grew until it couldn’t fit through the trap openings. At that size, the crab had few natural predators, minus a very large Giant Pacific Octopus. I didn’t realize it was a ghost trap until after the dive when I couldn’t locate its buoy.)


Am I the only one that was shocked to learn that Red Lobster has actual live seafood in their restaurant?
I assumed it all just showed up frozen.


Not from your place but would love to have a franchise that serves up live lobster to eat… makes me “want to go there”.

To have any sea creatures that aren’t snap frozen on the boat and degraded by the process, is very rare but I guess ‘Freckles’ is proof positive that you lucky folk can “eat fresh”!!

Love to snuggle up with Freckles (awww squeee) while chowing down on a recently killed brethren! Yay… good times!

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How would you know for sure that the lobster you picked from the tank is the one they serve to you? Unless it had a distinguishing physical characteristic. For all you know they give you a frozen lobster and put the one you picked back in the display case.

No idea. I’ve never been to Red Lobster…
There’s a Vietnamese restaurant close to me with tanks of lobsters and crabs. When you ask for a crab (I prefer that over lobster) wok fried salt and pepper style, the guy goes over to the tank hold one up and you give them signal from your table if that’s the one. I’ll just have to assume they dispatched that exact one for me.

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The Virginia Living Museum is a well run, world class operation. Freckles will be well cared for.

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