London may host 2016 games


London to IOC.

“Of course we will be glad to host the Olympics again in 2016. The late fee for this booking will be £9.3 billion (approximate cost of the 2012 Olympics.)1


Where does the IOC keep finding suckers, much less repeat customers, after burning so many of them over the years?


An actual member of the IOC said they do not have a plan B… it will happen in Rio. Another “source” from the IOC said it is not moving to London.

But a different “source” said it could move and it has before, and suddenly this is a news story? Crap journalism and I don’t know why it is on bb.(at the same time, I’m sure the special ‘IOC task force’ has at least thrown the idea on the table, it would be irresponsible if they didn’t look at all options, which would also have the added benefit of another round of bribes, booze, and hookers)

Tell me bb journalism pros… what exactly does “a source” mean behind the scenes? I immediately consider the quote and likely the article BS, is that not completely fair? I understand sometimes an important story cannot be discussed on record, but my gut feeling is that more times than not it is over zealous news outlets needing to produce a product out of nothing, or it is someone using the media to push an agenda… or bluffing.

I think Pyongyang should host it, after all, Seoul had it in 1988. Plus, they can have a Arirang Mass Game as their opening ceremony.


Would they re-use the Lisa Simpson Gives London Fellatio logo as well?


World Cup should be a good preview, and probably why these noises are being made. Brazil is killing off workers by the truckload trying to get some of the stadiums done on time.

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This will render Britain entirely insufferable.

Lisa drinks Rio’s milkshake?

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Didn’t they say this about Sochi? And Bejing?


I really don’t see how this could happen.

To avoid the “legacy” of unused venues many were temporary and are now gone: Water Polo, Beach Volleyball, Hockey, etc.

Others have been, or are being downsized (athletics, swimming)

Not to mention the media centre and athletes village being handed over to private clients.

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Gossip and speculation define the headline and absolutely no editorial content defines the worth of this post.

Well, the Los Angeles games actually turned a profit, mostly by using existing facilities and getting corporate sponsors to pop for the rest. As a Chicago taxpayer I am so glad we lost to Rio. We would have been stuck for building all the facilities, while only Mayor Daley’s cronies would have done well.

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