London Mayor sends VW a £2.5m bill for Dieselgate cheaters' Congestion Charges


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"congestion charge"

Sounds oddly interesting.


The London Congestion Charge.


I like this mayor!

Not that I know anything else about him.


He's better than the last one!


The photo does show the Old Street roundabout, but it looks like the point of view is actually on City Road, so the whole premise of the post is utterly discredited.

Lol but srsly, this is good; I like it when politicians manage to deflect the news cycle onto meaningful subjects where it's possible to make a difference instead of, you know, horseshit about what Brexit means or whether people are singing the national anthem hard enough. It makes Saddiq Khan look like someone who actually has a reason for being in his job.


He’s a really good guy imho. And this is a brilliant, proportionate and measured response (a style which he is becoming famous for). Londoners are really warming to him.

He’s a muslim too, and had an excellent response to the president-elect earlier this year.


Since they're diesel engines, they offer zero gas mileage. Or possibly infinite gas mileage.


Diesel is no more or less a gas than petroleum.


Don't be fatuous, Michael. You know full well that "gas" in this context is short for "gasoline."


Is that similar to petroleum?



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