Long lost Robert Anton Wilson book, Starseed Signals, to be published

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I kept meaning to check out a RAW book at my library but my library doesn’t carry a single one. I know almost nothing about him so is his work controversial? Why wouldn’t my library system carry his work? Just an oversight possibly? www.lfpl.org for those interested.


Not sure why they wouldn’t carry it necessarily, but yes - there is definitely some “controversial” material, depending on where you live. Discussions of drug use and manufacture, sexually explicit/pornographic material, discussions and outlines of actual occult rituals and references to “Satanic” ritual and sacrifice, conspiracy theory, scenes of sexual assault, torture, and lots of anti-church/anti-religious points of view. You know - stuff you can show on television in order to exploit, but can’t discuss in a book in order to teach or dissect.

Try to find it wherever you can though. Definitely one of the most influential authors in my life.


He might have been considered controversial among the pearl-clutchers of the Nixon era, but honestly it’s most likely an issue of his work being a bit dated and not widely read. He espoused a philosophy of being open to any (and all) conspiracy theories as a way of keeping a “supple mind”. This kept him well supplied with story material, and also made him a counter-culture darling even though he didn’t necessarily keep any particular viewpoint for very long. Anarchism seems to be the consistent thread that runs through what I’ve read.

If you’re really interested in his works, I would recommend checking out any used bookstores in your area, preferably those close to a university.


This is absolutely a wonderful thing.


I’m sure I’ve heard of this before, I had no idea it was “long lost.” Maybe he just mentions it in his other books.

@blueprint1034 - Here you go!

You’re probably right for the most part, but @drpfenderson is probably right too. You and I may look at a 70’s era drawing of a satyr and think “how quaint,” but in many place it would still be perceived as threatening devil-stuff…


Ask a librarian about inter-library loans. They’re usually a little more restrictive than a regular checkout — no extensions, more punitive late fees — but you get access to the collections of lots of other public and university libraries.


My guess would be that his books get stolen and he’s not considered important enough to have his work regularly replaced.

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