New Robert Anton Wilson book out today: The Starseed Signals

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Huh, never noticed before how much he looks like Philip K. Dick… which is not inappropriate, to be fair…

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I took an online live class with RAW long ago, (before video chat, it was all text). It was a really interesting experience, as I recall, wish I could remember any of it.


One of my favorite RAW chapters is the one in Cosmic Trigger (vol 1) where he maps the each of the eight circuits to a drug that activates it, and each of the first four to a character on Star Trek (with the argument that the advanced civilizations the Enterprise encounters every week representing the next four).

First circuit: survival; opioids; Scotty.
Second circuit: emotion; alcohol; Bones.
Third circuit: logic; cocaine; Spock.
Fourth circuit: Social-sexual roles; teenage hormones; Kirk.


I also took an online live class with RAW. We dissected a page of Finnegans Wake.

About halfway through my employer changed the web filters, and I couldn’t finish the class.


Neat! It feels appropriate that he’d write a topical book several years after dying.

For some reason RAW has been popping into my semi-conscious mind the last week or so. Specifically, something keeps making me think of the oracle computer FUCKUP, it might be related to people talking about polling, idk.


If ever there were a time when doubting everything, especially doubt, was important that time is now.

Whenever I watch a film or read a book or pretty much encounter anything involving four characters or even just four regular people, I have to try to fit them into the four circuits / four humours as per Prometheus Rising (my major RAW imprint).


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