Look at these knockoff LEGO products spotted at a Hong Kong night market


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Also readily available on EBAY, Alibaba, etc etc etc…

The Lepin sets are quite good, unless of course they’re actually knockoffs of the copies… maybe they’re fake Lepin?


Are these third/fourth/fifth* shift made or has some enterprising person spun up their own production to get into the “close enough but lower price” market?
* whichever is the one after their normal manufacturing shift
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There is a subreddit for it with kits reviews https://www.reddit.com/r/lepin/


I want a Star Plan Mortality Sphere!


Nope. These have been around long before LEGO opened their factory in China.


Lepin isn’t that great. They have much wider manufacturing tolerance, print shitty manuals, and don’t label their bags.


BUILERDS wins it for me.


Wow some of those are some seriously high end lego sets. Wonder if I could get a knock off of the $200 slave one cheap. This must be where those licensed LEGO minifig knock offs come from.


You have convinced me to actually make a purchase of these! Instead of a paint by number set that Legos have become, it might actually be a challenge again! That and I hear of a lot of people complaining that they often change up the models internally where they have less support but also less customized pieces as a result. Which adds to the challenge more!


What, no Star Wart?


There’s a Star Plan arriving from EBay
It’s not licenced by Lucas but it sorta looks okay
There’s a Star Plan unboxing from EBay
The instructions are in chinese and the paint is wrong on Rey
I said:
Let the children use it
Let the children lose it
They’ll never know the difference

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

“Star Plan,” okay, whatever. But “Pirates of the Cramarye?” What the deuce?


‘Pirates of the Gramarye’ is an awesome name - dibs for a modern fantasy series.


Staaaar Plans,
nothing but Staaar Plans,
those nutty 'ol Star Plans!


My kids love Star Plan.


More like “Star Plan 9 from Outer Space”

Except Star Plan 9 is coated in bisphenol-A and PCB.



60 bucks… huh… hmmm… but not sure if they ship? Still, tempting…


I would buy the hell out of that set. Ripoff lego Tor Johnson… YES!