Look at this storage cabinet inspired by a 1960s IBM tape drive

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I felt nostalgic.

Join the club…


I’m not saying I’m old, but I was definitely hanging tapes on these in the early 90s, before my company replaced them all with 3380 drives.


One of my earliest memories is of playing ring toss with the box of colorful “write enable” rings in the company computer room where my father was a programmer. (The rings are flexible rubber and are stuffed in the center of the tape reel before mounting the tape on the drive. Having a ring means it’s approved to erase the data on the tape.) I very literally “cut my teeth” on those tape drive rings.

That was 55 years ago.


Make sure you watch the video to the very end. The affectionate pat at the end was an LOL for me.


I like how the aluminum cabinet “face rails” look like the vacuum columns for the tape loops.

A better view and description of the purpose of those vacuum columns.

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While speaking of Love, he makes the music for this great looking cyberpunk game, invasive recall. It’s has Love but needs more love!

Cool, next do a DecTape kegerator.

Also WTB

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Way too slow at rotating the wheels. They are supposed to jerk so fast they could take a limb off.

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