Looking back at 25 years of the Goldeneye video game for Nintendo 64

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I tried to play it recently, personally coming from a DOS Doom/Duke Nukem/Quake perspective I thought I could handle those 3d graphics of yore in this age… It wasn’t possible for me, I play FPS with the keyboard mostly, and the N64 controller was very weird to me now approaching half a century of age. So, I played Far Cry on Windows instead to scratch that itch.


There is a glitch you can cause by pulling up one end of the cartridge… which in turn gave us this.


Aka: The best N64 game. I spent a crazy amount of time playing this and Perfect Dark with my friends


For me the occasional inability to hit even a steady 15FPS is the most glaring issue. Didn’t know to be bothered at the time, as long as it never totally froze up.


I haven’t gotten around to taking a retro dive into these yet:



This is excuse enough to post this gem:


A classic to be sure, but it was the next game, Nightfire, that I remember playing endlessly in multiplayer mode. The boards were so much fun.

And what did those team members get for all those family-and-soul-destroying 100 hour weeks? Nothing.

Good riddance to that industry. If you’re in it and you’re reading this, I have the following advice:

  1. It is not as cool as you think it is. Being treated like an animal is not worth your dream of making video games

  2. Everything management tells you about why you need to work so hard is a lie. Deadlines are made up, there are no bonuses or kudos at the end of this tunnel, and the only people getting rich are the owners of the company.

  3. Do not give in to passive aggressive peer pressure to work long hours because everyone else seems to be. Nobody can actually work those hours. What people are doing is, at best, staring blankly at their screens. At worst, they are creating more bugs than they are fixing and actually making everything worse for everyone else.

  4. Every study shows that good work/life balance actually results in more productivity. Management will not believe you because they only have those jobs because they were college roommates with the founder. They are not qualified and do not read evidence-based management books.

  5. Every other software job is not lame like you think it is. They have normal hours and pay twice what you’re getting now. You still get to build neat things and work with cool fun people. You can still cover your desk in action figures if you like.

Listen to the above before it’s too late. You will wake up at 40 (probably after being laid off for being too old) and realize you wasted the first half of your career with these cruel companies. You sold your soul for a few worthless stock options and the idea that anyone will care what you made after you’re gone.


Did anyone else get horrible motion sickness from this game and then play it anyway?
There was one part I had to have a friend beat for me because the motion sickness was so bad, I think it was in the jungle.

Nothing like a retrospective for something considered a classic that is half your age that you have never heard of to make you feel old.


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