Battlefield Moments

I’m a huge fan of the Battlefield franchise and have played every single Battlefield since the original 1942. Can’t wait for the midnight release of Battlefield 4 tonight!

The “war sandbox” gameplay and immersion is sublime, and always represented the future of online FPS gaming to me. The latest iteration mostly makes the game a lot more user friendly, with incremental improvements in graphics (which were already amazing) and water that’s a bigger part of the air/ground warfare continuum: you can actually swim now, and there are some heavily armored boat options with deployable jetskis, even.

As a bit of an easter egg for the BBS community, I have one full Battlefield 4 PC key to share with the best response to this topic (it’s mine, I paid for it, I want to share it.). And if you want to play with me, I am “codinghorror” on Origin.

Not too many Battlefield players here on BBS, eh?

Well, here’s the official BF4 launch multiplayer trailer

(watch for the ATV off the destroyed skyscraper)

My Battlefield 4 moment today – had a lot of snipers on a tall roof, the team wasn’t doing anything about it. So I got frustrated and, even though I’m just a mediocre heli pilot, I took matters into my own hands with a helicopter. Unfortunately, the only heli available was transport, no weapons … so I flew over them as low as I could, scraping across the roof and got two “roadkills”.

Had to bail from the damaged heli after that… but, worth it.

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Hope whoever gets it wants it…

Not my style of game. I very much like first person immersive gameplay, but shooters – unless structured as a kind of “tag” – just don’t appeal to me. In general I’d rather play a puzzle game than a combat-focused game.

Portal’s great success was that it was primarily a puzzle game despite using combat game mechanics and (il)logic.

I must confess that I only just created this account, and that I’ve only been playing since BF3. But, boy, has it been fun!

I’m not sure what my most enjoyable moment has been… loading up a buggy with C4 before driving it into a tank on multiple occasions was fun… as was running around Noshahr Canals blowing people’s heads off with a SPAS.

Probably the best (and most exciting) moment that I can recall was a time on Metro playing Conquest I somehow managed to get round behind the line of opponents and capture point C while squadmates spawned on me. Those short moments as the capture ticker ticked down were goddamn exhilarating (though this description might make it sound rather boring).

Oh. That and a time I somehow managed to get C4 on an opponent’s heli and blow them out of the sky. Heck, everything I’ve done with C4 has been enjoyable.

Yeah, C4 is fun.

I’m also a big fan, but only discovered the franchise in BF3.

Recently I managed to snipe the pilot of a helicopter trying to smite me through the windscreen which was hilarious.

My favourite though was a time when there was only minute or so left on the clock and one MCOM to destroy on Caspian Border. My team was trying to battle to the station from the left, so I got into a jeep and raced down at full speed down the dirt road on the right that’s hidden by the fence, crashed the jeep into the container, jumped out and armed the MCOM. There was zero time left, I was crouched and desperately hoping they wouldn’t come and kill me, and they didn’t get there in time. We won! It was awesome.

P.S. I don’t want to win the key - I preordered it. Obviously :smile:

I’m a big fan of the genre, but fell into the Call of Duty camp until being very disillusioned about the incredible amount of aimbots and cheating that went on in multiplayers. Then I fell down the super fun self-aware well of Team Fortress 2 and only recently have been climbing out of it (be-laden with hats!).

So while I don’t have any good stories about hopping from a helicopter to take over a boat that I then rammed into a tank, I do have one question: Has there been a concerted effort to limit aimbots and the like?

I’ve been playing BF for years. One of my favourite moments (in BF3) was not with actual game play, but with the type of ‘characters’ in the player base. Was playing a round and someone joined up in our group with his microphone enabled… This guy proceeded to play the entire match as if he was truly in a war - Constantly calling out everything that happens and giving ETA’s. Some of the key phrases where:

“Team Delta, I have an ETA of 3 minutes to Charlie site… out”

“Major (NAME HERE), requesting an evac at Alpha site, 3 minutes west… out”

"Get up soldier! " (while throwing a med pack)

“I have been hit! Engine one is down, returning to base… Engine two is down! Performing emergency procedures will be parachuting behind enemy lines and will require recovery. Will mark a safe zone in flairs… out”

Now I know what you are thinking – wow that must have been annoying, much like some NOOB reciting how much he dislikes the campers which keep killing him – while he in fact is also a camper… anyways I digress. This guy had the entire team killing them self’s laughing the entire time. Not once did this guy break character and to add to it he was one of the best players I have seen.

Anyways, hope you can relate this story to others you have experienced with other players as I think the player base is ultimately what makes the game fun. Hopefully once I can afford it, I will also be enjoying BF4 for PC.


They are using a statistical analysis approach now which I feel is much more promising than the inherently flawed client blacklist. It’s the same thing credit card companies use, and when billions of dollars are at stake, the solutions chosen generally work:

I do like the new posters, but I was hoping a more established BBS community member would be a Battlefield series fan. I mean, come on:

For me, one of the lessons of Battlefield is that I never, ever want to go to war. If do, my experience on the virtual battlefield tells me I will probably enter the arena of war and … be killed instantly by a situation I have zero control over:

  • the opposing force is overwhelming and we are vastly outnumbered
  • our commanders put us in a strategically terrible situation
  • enemy soldier(s) are aware of your position and see you before you see them

And then you’re dead, forever.

But in battlefield, you can just respawn. Thank goodness! All the glory of mock war without the consequences, or death.

Are you referring to this?


That looks quite incredible. That trailer is a bit heart-pumping - I’m going to ditch my portable defibrillator and just have that on my phone.

Hardware needs??

BBS is becoming a bit dangerous. Minecraft, now this. I need to buy time! Who can sell me some time?!

Don’t get me started on TF2.

Seriously, it’s been 6 years. I keep coming back.

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It’s the best, right? All it does is encourage teamwork via balanced classes and all done in a great tongue-in-cheek visual style. I was lost to it the first time I every saw the post-dead graphic with arrows indicating “Your foot!”

Holy hell, why did I just see this here? Sadly, I’m a PS fanboy, eagerly awaiting it next week. codinghorror, you just won my internets!

Exactly. I have no idea how people play any FPS and then decide they can, or want to, do that in the real world. Half the time you get fragged for something you had no idea was there or some dumb mistake you made. And those are on maps that I know really well. New maps are always spend creeping around trying to figure out where I am and where I need to go and invariably I end up at the spawn point wondering where everyone else went to.

That said, BF4 looks really awesome.

419 hours for me BTW. I haven’t picked it up in months due to Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite, but boy do I love Halloween-time in that game.

@codinghorror - forget all my prior suggestions - can you remodel BBS to work just like Battlefield? Wouldn’t you love it?!

Battlefield is not very conversational. Teamwork, to some extent, but not conversations.

it does sound like the same guy - I cannot remember his name though. I know for sure this is not my game though since I don’t see my name in his squad. Damn would have been funny if the game I was in was the one he recorded. :slight_smile:

Portal is truly one of the marvels of computer gaming, and will hopefully be one day regarded as a classic, as are pieces of literature now. It is a beautiful thing.

How do you guys find servers/teams?

I’m quite casual, but I would like to play with some mature guys who actually work together in a squad, even though I sometimes kill myself by falling off things. I.e. do you play in a regular platoon?