Looking back on the underappreciated genius of the band Television and their Marque Moon album

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“See No Evil” is on my ‘Guitar Hero’ playlist that I jam along with - Telecaster or 335, depending on my mood. Admittedly only discovered myself maybe 15 years.


I love this record and think that the attitude and sound are still fresh today. Great read, thanks!


Marquee Moon is absolutely one of my favorite albums of all time, but I must say: not enough people praise Adventure, imho.


Well, I’ll do it - Adventure is GREAT. As is the eponymous Television. That was the album that turned me on to Verlaine et al decades ago.


I wonder if they’d have had more success if the band had had a better name. Because Television is a pretty terrible name for a band.

A small group of Jersey Shore friends [circa 1975] and I saw them at the Peppermint Lounge [128 W 45th St, New York, NY 10017] [which is closed now] for a whopping $3.00 cover. We sat in the back and just let it soak into us, left with a sense that we had just witnessed the second coming or something. Listen to the entire album Marquee Moon, it will change you.


One of my favorite records. I have to admit I didn’t like Adventure nearly as much, and the self-titled 1992 record is merely good with some great moments.

There’s a bunch of live recordings floating around; The Blow-Up is probably the best known. The sound quality is typically not very good but if you can get past that they’re worth listening to.


A great album, for lack of a better word this morning, great. I usually, only listened to this all the way through from start to finish, before listening to anything else.

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The recognition (or not) of Marquee Moon by many and various celebs/politicos is a running joke on the superb retro-pseudogroup( or are they?) Memorial Device Twitter feed.


Protopunk? Stop it. Just stop rewriting history. Televsion is punk. What you call punk today is pale fire.

Sorry, Dire I wasn’t responding/ targeting you but the original post

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Sure Jan GIF


Did what you used to like seem cool but you’re worried now that you’re out of touch and nobody thinks you’re cool and you’re regretting that mortgage and the only thing left that feels “punk” at all is finally voicing your pale disgust at some anonymous person’s description of music you don’t even give a real shit about?

punk rock GIF by Comedy Central Stand-Up


It’s not a real concert till the Hells Angels stab someone. Or 11 people die trying to get out the door.


Also… you do know that that is what historians do, right, constantly revising our understanding of the past, in light of either new evidence or new ways of thinking about the past?


ETA: NSFW, and not just for the sweary bits. U may well LYAO.

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