Looking for a Tablet Keyboard, preferably Cheap

So I’m going to try solving the power adaptor issue with my tablet (because I like my tablet but the 30 pin connector on the power cable is propritary unto itself (thanks barns and noble) and the wires seem to by design not have any sort of survivability (am tempted to crack one of the cheapo aftermarket ones open and inject it full of epoxy to help with that since i need epoxy anyway to fixe my laptop’s hinge)and hey I’d like a keyboard for the thing.

It’s a seven inch tablet (Nook HD) and so I’d like a keyboard that would go with it. Sure barns and noble made an official keyboard that I’m sure would owrk, but it’s not really for sale without going to ebay, it’s overpriced I fear even without that, and… well… I’d like something that doubles as a stand without going ‘here is this funky cardboard thing. Use That.’

On the other hand also considered turning my laptop into a tablet because of the hinge issue but I’d also need a mini-pci-e gyroscope/tilt sensor and a way to make the screen a touch screen PLUS a way to get a power switch going since the only power switch on this thing is on the keyboard itself, but that’s a discussion for another time and revolving around the fact even though it’s old and wearing down, it’s MINE and I do not like throwing these things away if there’s any chance at recycling it into something.

On the OTHER hand… I do plan on picking up a raspberry pi w whenever those things stop being scarcer than an empathetic sociopath, and that thing has built in blutooth (why the w instead of the 3? …Reasons.)

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Does it have Bluetooth or is it a hard connector?

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Bluetooth, but I have a female/female usb adaptor to connect normal keyboards. Had considered the k480 since it looks reasonably good, has several profiles, and the like, but I dunno.

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I have a K810; the multiple profile support is handy. Keyfeel is…serviceable…if you have no standards. Battery life seems OK. I cannot speak to the K840.

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If budget’s your top concern, there’s a load of cheap keyboards out there around the 20 dollar mark which won’t be good, but might be good enough. .

K480 sure looks nice though.

Having a quick Google, seems one of the Nook HD firmwares had some issues with BT pairing, but you probably already know about this. :slight_smile:

SOrry didn’t make myself clear. I rooted my Nook so anything that works with cyanogenmod will work.


Problem solved then. :smiley:

…checks amazon…

Holy crap, those K480s are only $28. They’re like 80 bucks (USD60) over here. smfh…

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On logitech’s own site it’s like $50 plus shipping.


Not a bad price from Amazon then.

…adds to Wishlist…


Watch out for these, we bought a $12 cheapie for a (rooted) Nook and despite its high ratings on Amazon pairing was iffy and the response lag was dreadful.

Logitech bluetooth keyboards frequently show up well under $20 as open box/refurb on Amazon and sometimes on sale at Best Buy or Fry’s, I would hold out for one of those (or one of the Microsoft buetooth keyboards, which are very well made). There’s also the Amazon Basics bluetooth keyboard; you could try it then return it if it doesn’t suit.


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