Lori Loughlin's college admissions scam prison offers yoga and ukulele lessons

The Summer camp I was shipped off to at age 10 wasn’t nearly so entertaining or educational.


What they don’t tell you is that the yoga lessons and the ukulele lessons happen simultaneously. Fiendish!


Arse counter opinion: a gilded cage is still a cage. And her “crime” was getting scammed by some dude. If the schools in question didn’t have a “right” way to bribe your children’s way in, her actions might sit a lot worse with me, but… where is the news of the college officials who accepted the bribes going to jail for longer than her, where’s the news of the guy who “arranged” things going to jail?

She got Martha Stewarted to placate people so someone famous and popular went to jail to distract us from all the people who are in jail for bullshit reasons and so that people can say “see, the system puts away rich people too.” She’s just another political prisoner in a system full of them.


Hear hear.

Noooooooooo!!! I take it all back!


Some prison sentences are earned and some are purchased.


Don’t some of those spa prisons charge the prisoners for upkeep? I thought those existed, but it was years back so if they did, maybe there’s been a change.

As for her husband in Lompoc, I immediately thought of Tim Leary, who escaped from a prison in Lompoc. But apparently a state prison, minimum security. Or maybe it was swapped to Federal jurisdiction, and is the same prison.

Her crime was not being rich enough to simply buy her kid’s way in with an endowment or building or something. Not being rich enough is a terrible crime in America


I’m thrilled that she has access to these opportunities because it means that the other people incarcerated with her have them as well. For all the injustice in the system, she does represent a minimal security risk and should be in such a facility. Getting outraged at it would just get the programs taken away from people many of us would find more sympathetic.

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This happens in California jails


Thanks. It was a hazy memory so I thought it was possible they’d come and gone.

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Supposedly, the prison authorities gave Tim a personality test that he had had a hand in developing. He knew the test well enough to game the system and get himself classed as suited for that minimum security prison. Now, I got this story from one of Leary’s books, so I’m not going to swear it’s true.



I’ve read that too.

It’s easy to forget that Timothy Leary was a serious academic, and probably did original work. I day " probably" because his other activities dwarfed it, and maybe there’s a distancing from his academic work as a result.

He went to prison for marijuana, he was never charged with an LSD offense. I suppose that too may have helped his placement


I wasn’t trying to say he was unqualified as a psychologist. It’s just that there seemed to be a good deal of blarney in the book, Flashbacks as I recall.


The perfect harmony of ideologies. Thanks for sharing.


It’s another brilliant way to make prisons a profit center. For those wealthy who you can’t manage to protect from prison, they can buy their way to a comfortable stay.

And being ALMOST rich enough is nearly as bad as being straight up poor. You get to see up close what the really rich get away with but you’ve still got no chance at it for yourself. And you get it from both sides if you’re brought down.

No big deal?!? This is a MUCH harsher sentence than those for, say, child rape!

/s, of course, but I also must acknowledge that even typing that has drained my will to live.


Back in the day (circa 1985-90) I hit a computer confab in San Francisco with featured speakers James Burke (The Day the Universe Changed), Ted Nelson (Dream Machines / Computer Lib), and Tim Leary, who had obviously consumed too much LSD. Sad. Jerry Pournelle was there too, the drunken lout. Between the last two, I distrust psychologists.

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I don’t know what you’re going for with this. Is it that she should be less comfortable or that other inmates should be as comfortable as she is? I assume that it’s the latter, but I suspect you wrote this rather quickly and frustrated so that it comes off as less from a desire for compassionate prison reform and more from an “eat the rich” reflex.

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that she’s being imprisoned at all, that she would have been happy to replace imprisonment with funding the college tuition of any number of poor students, and that the impulse to punish as a response to bad behavior is as prevalent on the left as it is on the right.