Los Angeles Police Commission meets in wake of regional unrest

I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything about this on bb yet. If it does exist somewhere else already, let me know and I’ll remove this thread (if possible).

The citizens of LA let loose on the LA Police Commission over Zoom yesterday for more than eight hours, a minute or two at a time:

The calls start at 1:10:05 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz0CKlGj3uI&t=4205s


Theres a clip from this doing the rounds where one person ends his 30 seconds with “I yield my time, FUCK YOU!”

Best I could find:


This was another good one:

ETA: I haven’t seen the entire thing. I see they started by giving people two minutes, when I found it yesterday and started listening to it live for an hour they were giving people one minute, and your clip they have 30 seconds. Interesting. Is that normal procedure?


No idea. Maybe as they realized that the public came with prepared remarks they cut down the time.

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Maybe. But then, by shortening the time, they had to listen to more individual people.

According to a YouTube comment, apparently someone called in to support the police. I haven’t found it yet, but there are many hours to go through.

That guy was on fire. Absolutely incredible.

Another one that somebody excerpted:


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