Police forced to drag selfish rat-licker from school board meeting

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They should have moved the meeting to another room and prevented him from leaving until all the rest exited. Dragging him through the room while he’s speaking is only increasing the likelihood of spreading the disease.


Or just wrapped his stupid head in saran wrap first…


Those cops forgot to tase him immediately, or shoot him in the back, or even arrest him for resisting arrest!


I don’t see this video as convincing anyone of anything. If you believe that covid is a hoax and the mask-mandate is government overreach then the gentleman probably seems very reasonable. But I am reminded that cis-white-male is the world’s easy-mode.


When she said “don’t taze him”, the officer should have turned and tazed her.


Yeah, not going to change my no-script settings so I can view something from Instagram, so I’m assuming that this fine gentleman is white?


Sorry, expect to see a lot more of this as the caselaw gets continually shittier about independent blogs reposting photos and videos.


These people don’t expect to meet bigger assholes than them, like one will undress and show the bird or starts to fart, o lit a mosquito repeller inside or yell to put the mask or whatever

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Ask and ye shall receive.

And yes, the ones who can sound reasonable while voicing their objections and spreading their lies are the most dangerous; this guy’s a lot more persuasive than the privileged idiot who screams “I feel threatened!” at Costco.


Why should everyone EXCEPT the person who refuses to comply have to leave?


Yes. Large and bearded, but also speaking in a reasonable tone of voice and his resistance to the police is such that he is clearly not trying to injure them.

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In addition to being white he gently reminds everybody else that one of the officers is of “minority descent” shortly before grabbing the officer by the shirt.


Because its the safest way to proceed, as I said in my original post.

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Either way you have to have people physically restrain the guy. Best to just get him out of the building and away from others as quickly as possible.


I doubt they had another room large enough to hold the meeting and maintain social distancing. And he’d have just tried to block people leaving or to go there himself.

He wanted to have a scene and film it- he would have gone where the audience was.

That aside - resisting arrest and assaulting an officer would have lead to a very different outcome if he wasn’t a pale covidiot.


You have to understand their position. In our society there’s always someone who’s going to be very “concerned” (using the flimsiest of pretexts) that we might do things like: “unfairly” make a group of conservative white people the archetypal example in history of genocide perpetrators; break up conservative white religious fundie communities when we jail their young members who are rapists; get a conservative white security guard in trouble for brandishing a firearm against peaceful protestors; or dare expect that a roomful of people might place their own convenience over that of an obnoxious white conservative covidiot (just examples, more to come in the following days, I’m sure).

The cops have to worry about offending the sensibilities of people like this (who always happen to be conservative-leaning white people who somehow never show this “concern” when a PoC is a victim).


We don’t know if restraint would have been necessary. He looks pretty passive and peaceful in video.

Best not give him an audience by evacuating the room and ending the encounter. It’s a technique that is gaining in popularity. Now it’s all over the internet, that’s a pretty nice audience.

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He made it pretty clear that he intended to remain in the meeting unless removed via physical force.

Why on earth would anyone assume he wouldn’t just follow the rest of the group to a new meeting location (even if one was readily available) unless kept out via physical force?


Leave the room.
Don’t leave the room.

Make your mind up.