Police forced to drag selfish rat-licker from school board meeting

Selfish rat-licker? Looks more like a “gentleman” to me.


He really doesn’t- he looks like he’s wanting a confrontation.


Which, when you take the time watch the video, is actually what happened. If he’d been spitting or coughing or trying to touch people they would have cleared out on their own accord. Instead, he decided that he should go with the “I’m a calm and reasonable martyred white man” act to spread his woo, so the cops (“of minority descent”, as he terms them) just dragged him out quickly and matter-of-factly after they confirmed he was a loon. He’s such a punk he didn’t know how to make his body slack deadweight, so he ended up being frogmarched out.

People, especially those in the community who recognise him but also those who don’t understand not that all covidiots present as drooling morons, should see this video.


Right? If he was being “passive and peaceful” he would have just put on a fucking mask like everybody else. There was no infringement on his liberties there, and he was free to leave or comply at any time.

He took an aggressive stance the moment he refused to put on a mask and decided “come at me bro” and scoring Internet points was a more satisfying outcome for him.


He brought someone to film him. He was going to get his incident no matter what.


Yeah I’m still trying to figure out how you get

…without physically restraining the guy in some way. Clearly “asking politely” wasn’t doing the job.


And why should everybody else have to move when he’s the one causing the problem?



I suspect that the difference between restraining someone from entering a room versus removing someone from a room is that when you prevent someone from entering a room, the “gentleman” would have to act as an aggressor and fight his way in, whereas in the situation that happened the police were forced to act as aggressors. I imagine, without any real evidence, that people are more reluctant to act as aggressors in these situations and thus moving the meeting might work? or not.

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Apparently the school board’s rules don’t require one to wear a mask usefully - I saw at least three people with their schnozzes poking out the top of their masks, and by the end one of those had fully pulled their mask down onto their chin in order to speak with the least obstruction to their spit droplets. All of which was seemingly perfectly permissible, unless the cops came back to turf them too…



they should’ve said, “ok then – if we don’t have everyone following the mask and distancing policies, then this meeting is adjourned until such a time when that can happen. i’m sorry. goodnight everyone.”


That would be the ideal use case for a Naked Gun style giant condom; nothing would be more appropriate to contain such a dickhead.


He’s alive 'cuz he’s white.


Not true. He was doing well more than passively being dragged out. Once he started maneuvering his arms in the way he was, he was assaulting the officer. They better be arresting him on multiple charges and keeping him on ice until he can make bail.

Oh, it was nice touch for him to notice that “cops of minority descent have to do this”— in case there was any doubt that he was racist idiot and not just an idiot. I don’t even know what his point was? "Oh, that I have to endure not only the injustice of wearing a facemask, but also having my liberty being curtailed by a cop of minority descent? Oh, the humanity!"


I also see him as a physically large, muscular, imposing man who may be used to intimidating smaller people.


It’s amazing how conversational and pleading the cops are when the dude is white, which I’m sure is a total coincidence, right?


Rules governing public attendance and public meetings can be tricky to enforce. For example, in California, a local governing body can’t come up with a rule that violates the state’s Brown Act. Post-9/11, as the new front security desks popped up and required producing an ID and signing in to government buildings, there was successful push back because you can’t force a member of the public to identify themselves at a public meeting.

This is to say, I don’t know if this mask stuff has seen its last day in court. If there’s a reliable COVID test with instant results, they could require that before entering the meeting.

I’m not defending the guy. I would have left the room as soon as the cops showed up if not sooner. But, depending on how the policy was created and rolled out, this could go up the chain in the courts… he/his lawyers can just point to the President himself being such a dickhead about masks.

Clearly “asking politely” wasn’t doing the job

They never asked him politely to stay.


I’m not sure if you’d heard, but we don’t have that. We don’t even get results to people with the test that takes longer to process in quicker than 7-10 days in many cases.

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