Losing aeroplanes, invoking Godwin

When the world’s spotlight passes over your sector of the quad, it returns to visit sometimes:

For some reason, it doesn’t seem to be that hard to find Malaysians who see Hitler as a good leader, or who hate the Jews.


It’s a sharia country. Also, the chinese population of Malaysia, much leaned on by the muslims over time, describe themselves as “the jews of the east”.

I think you can see the inherent qualities that make anti-semitism stick - although as one of the articles says, very few Malaysians have ever met a jewish faith person.

But I’d bet it’s confined to the Malay population, and maybe by silly extension, a few Chinese.

You realise Godwin doesn’t really apply in much of Asia?

AFAIK, many (most?) Asians seems relatively clueless Hitler-wise…

DNA recombination subject (a) Jackson, Michael + subject (b) Hitler, Adolf

Results successful. Proceed.

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