Lost 1924 film 'The City Without Jews' to get a timely re-release

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I’ve read about it, but only a synopsis with some stills.
Looking forward to seeing it.

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Also, this was written in the mid-30s, so after the nazis came to power, but well before the war…


“Necessary evil”? See also: “demonize the enemy”.

Link is NSFW, I suppose. Some vicious, nasty stuff. Tame example:


Then there’s Saint Ron with his UN speech about the world coming together to repel an alien invasion. Good times.


It’s probably worth pointing out that this is an argument that failed to stop Nazis the first time around. In a decent society, it is roughly true that evil doesn’t pay, so that’s one argument you can make. But the flip side is that evil absolutely does pay, if you get rid of decency first, so you need to realise when you’re talking to someone who looks at it that way.

That’s the thing, the Nazis made out like bandits by expropriating the property of their mass-murder victims. US slave-owners were rich as fuck. When people set their eyes on this kind of prize, the only way to stop them is to stop them.


I wonder if that was the inspiration for this more recent movie:


More lost things found:

(Fighting Hitler, before Stalin stabbed them in the back.)


Is that typeface supposed to evoke Hebrew script? Cuz they failed pitifully.

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I think you hit on the most important thing here. The problem with white nationalists, or white supremacists, or the alt-right, or neo-nazis, is not their crackpot racial theories. Every group likes to think they’re better in some ways than other people and takes pride in some accomplishment or other. Some are perhaps more extreme or meaner than others.
It’s when they say, I’m better and that gives me the right to take your stuff, as the southern slave lords and the Nazis did.
It comes down to the real-estate claims. That’s the problem.


See also:


Looks mock-Asian to me. Which doesn’t mean that was what they were going for.


Productive people hounded out of society and society collapses? Hmmmmm… heard that plot beat up a time or two.

Are you referring to Ayn Rand? Never read it (I was a Tolkein-reading adolescent, myself), but I’ve heard of “going Galt”. Key difference is wrapped up in the word “hounded”. Neither in this fictional treatment of anti-semitism nor in Ayn Rand is anyone “hounded.” Rather, the Jews are forced out (much stronger than “hounded”), and the engineers (Galt was an engineer, right?) simply chose to leave a situation in which he felt underappreciated (much weaker than “hounded”).
Of course, I don’t know that you’re referring to Galt… But just in case.

One more thing… Jews in Germany were interpreted by Nazis and their sympathizers as unproductive. In fact, part of the rationalization was that they diminished the productivity of so-called “real” Germans. Hence the metaphor of the parasite. This is still an argument whose echoes can be heard - Jews loyalty to the state is questioned, so many Jews try pathetically hard to please the heavily-armed mobs of goyim. Of course, this is exploited by some goyim and held in contempt by others. Even Jews who convert are regarded with suspicion.

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Looks like he’s speaking on a cordless phone at 2:55

ideations of racial purity, bad side of town, weakling, part indian precede literary development. our brains are moving way ahead of our bodies.

The anti-Semitic Councillor Bernard awakens with the sudden revelation that the Jews, in fact, are a “necessary evil.”



I’m thinking that the typeface looks mock-Nazi which might have been exactly what they were going for.

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Hitler took office during the Depression. His campaign speeches promised his followers the opportunity to confiscate Jewish jobs and Jewish assets.

Note the citation for confiscation of Cherokee land. Originally, gold was discovered on Native land near Athens, TN. The Tennessee legislature, led by Hugh Lawson White and John Bell (later Pres and VP candidates) expelled all Native Americans and free blacks from the state; most went to Georgia.

Gold was then found near Dahlonega, GA and the Feds wrote an illegal treaty with a few Cherokees and evicted the entire tribe after token payoffs.

The Nazis’ war cry? “Judengeld”. Whites/gentiles apparently turn larcenous and murderous when exposed to gold or rumors of gold. Is there a cure?