Lost chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



This sounds less like a “lost chapter” and more like a bit from an early draft, since there are names that have been changed, and the noticeable absence of Oompa Loompas.

I do wish the line, “No boy of mine is going to be put into a shop window as vanilla fudge! We’ve spent too much on his education already!” had made it to the finished version.

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Spoiler Alert: Then there were six

Seems like a draft, and not quite a “lost chapter” to me as well, but then again, who the heck am I?

Spoiler 2: Vanilla Fudge just doesn’t taste as good as it sounds like it should taste. If one is given the option, I highly recommend a batch of fudge my mother made on (lucky you) September 3rd, 1979. Message me for coordinates. The time and space travel issue is your own.


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