Lost in Space prop computer remake


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beautiful work there.



My God! The Jupiter 2 computer was the Batcomputer? No wonder they got lost, the thing is optimized for crime-fighting, not interstellar navigation!



It would have been cheaper/easier to recreate the computer screens from the first season of ST:TOS. Just print them out and laminate 'em.


It’s a Burroughs! The business machines that paid for William S.’ Harvard education!


I believe Irving Allen himself persuaded 20th Century Fox to buy the old computers to use as props. You’ll see them in many if his sci-fi TV shows.

I think they were part of SAGE:


Sometimes I wish I had enough room in my house for stuff like this. Although I’d probably end up tearing it out every few years to build something new. There’s no way to have infinite space for such things.

Well, at least not until we get holodecks.


Even in the day when this show was on TV I never understood how you can get lost in space. You just have to look up. The entire galaxy is right there to look at.


What a bleak childhood. Have some Jell-o.


Another version of a Burroughs word processor…


It’s all explained in the first episode.
Which is quite well done.


So whats the explanation? Did Dr Smith destroy their telescope?


You’re close. Very close.

But let me state again — all is explained in the first episode. Which is a very good bit of science fiction. Directed by Anton Leader!


I’m really impressed that he didn’t just recreate the appearance of the prop, he recreated all the analog prop controls and incandescent lights. He really recreated the prop.


Forget Turing. Forget Enigma. This Brian Mix guy is a genius.

                    (Bonus points for anyone who knows what show this computer is from)


Is that EMERAC (the computer from the movie, Desk Set)?


a device like this makes it easy to reach the right mood for writing e.g. romantic comedies


The first six episodes or so are all very well done. Then they changed to $plotComplication of the week and it went downhill from there. (Keeping Jonathan Harris past his initial schedule appearance didn’t help any …)