Replica Enterprise bridge used to sell surveillance to Congress




Meanwhile… contemporary cop shows used to sell surveillance to the general public. Every time I see “the good guys” break the rules or “hack the server” or pull up the digital panopticon in order to get “the bad guys”, I think it softens us up for totalitarianism. It undermines the suspicion that many of us have of the NSA and the whole surveillance apparatus, because the good guys “need” this kind of thing to be able to catch the bad guys.


That’s… the second creepiest thing I’ve heard of someone doing in a replica of the Enterprise this week.


Section 31 anyone?


And Jean-Luc would, I believe, rhetorically tear Gen. Alexander a new one for creating enemies where none previously existed, for imagining himself as master of all, for perfidy and subterfuge against those whom he ultimately serves, and for intellectual and ethical cowardice.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Patrick Stewart felt nearly the same way. Has anybody brought this to his attention?


Oh wow… the cost. It must have been ridiculously expensive and hidden in a secret budget somewhere.


Thank Jebus, Christwire has the answers…


This is the best, most illuminating article I’ve read about the NSA since Snowden revealed himself to the public. Seriously though Cory, you buried the lede behind the USS Enterprise BS.

The heart of the piece is this, “There’s two ways of looking at these guys,” [a] retired military officer says. “Two visionaries who took risks and pushed the intelligence community forward. Or as two guys who blew a monumental amount of money.”

This article is the first place I’ve heard mention of the NSA director’s “evil genius.” “An obscure civilian engineer named James Heath has been a constant companion for a significant portion of Alexander’s career.” Heath also happens to be an occupant of the public-private revolving door, between NSA and SAIC (in this case).


nope, no money to cut anywhere.


Meanwhile, who could have possibly predicted that the NSA would use its draconian power to steal business secrets, etc.?

Latest Leak Shows NSA Engaging In Economic Espionage – Not Fighting Terrorism


While watching the U.S. Open on TV this weekend, I saw an American Express (financial services) commercial that used ubiquitous surveillance to sell a transaction alerting app. The ad started out something like “Wherever you go, someone is watching. We’re surrounded by surveillance … cameras … police …” (accompanied by jump-cut video of the same) “… wouldn’t it be nice to bring the same level of security to your online transactions?” I found it profoundly disorienting, almost nauseating, that they would present something like that as a “positive” suitable for pitching a product. I guess I’m not in their target demographic.


Correct. It’s like when the TV shows like 24 torture people. The people they torture are always the right people. And the reasons to torture are always good.The never see themselves as the ones being tortured, just the ones who have to decide if they should or should not torture, the person with control and power.

The people who designed the commercials for the U.S. Open looked at the demographic and they assumed that they would always been grateful for someone looking out for their interests. The interests of rich white men and women - and Tiger Woods.

The use of fear to sell products has a long history. And one of the assumptions is that people with “nothing to hide” and who “aren’t doing anything wrong” are always going to be appreciative of something to protect them from the fear.


The “bridge” of the Information Dominance Center: (Acrobat pdf)


This is pathetic and disgusting. Dear NSA: Continue to go fuck yourselves.


Star Trek: Enterprise did ‘ticking time bomb’ torture at least a couple times I believe.

Probably nobody watched that show enough to know for sure how often.


Big screen? Every corporate conference room. Paneling and expensive table and chairs? Every corporate executive conference room. I decline to get irate until I know what the difference in cost was between this plan and doing a more standard setup which met the same organizational goals… including that of impressing visitors.

If you needed to build a media/presentation room to impress _your_clients, and someone offered you the opportunity to style it as a starship set, wouldn’t you be tempted?


He ripped out the Starship Enterprise design when he could not find
someone to meet the £800,000 price tag and instead
began to convert it into a design based on the spin-off series Star Trek Voyager

Truly he is a monster.


well since they like to play picard, i will too.

“there are words i have known since i was a child: ‘with the first link a chain is forged. the first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied chains us all irrevocably’ those were the words of admiral sativ, his wisdom and his warning. when one man’s freedoms are trodden on, we are all damaged”
(might not be exact, going from memory)

i too have committed those words to memory, and so should everyone at the NSA. you do us all a great disservice. if you think you are helping the american people you are not, you are paving the way towards totalitarianism, you chain us all. and if anyone at the NSA reads this, take snowden’s example, your loyalty to the american people trumps any loyalty to the NSA.


Thanks for that. As I suspected this ‘room’ has little to do with Star Trek. The photo used in the post, which I suspect we were all supposed to believe was a photo of the actual place, appears to simply be a photo from the TV show set. I’m against all this surveillance state crap, but trying to sell outrage using a, at best, misleading image doesn’t help anyone.


To be exact, it’s a photo of the first season set. The Ops and Conn consoles hat more upright, swiveling chairs from Season 2 onwards.

Might be CGI though, as it looks oddly “clean”. Maybe something from the remastered Blu-Rays?