Video of top NSA spook Gen'l Alexander's Starship Enterprise clone/Information Dominance Center


So, some portion of this is a creepy nerd spending our money on voyeuristic fantasies set on a spaceship.

And some portion of this (the ‘information dominance’) is basically the banal buzzword equivalent of teabagging corpses in Halo.

I’m honestly not sure which is more distasteful.


If this actually works for him to make fund raising easier then he is not such an idiot. This kind of thing goes on in private industry all the time, no? Presentations are a huge part of getting stuff done and a lot of people do nothing else.

Next, lets talk about the quality of the mental process of those making decisions at the top of the Federal Government. You can’t blame the guy for knowing his audience.

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Good thing the information dominance guys are wearing camouflage so the hackers can’t see them.


It’s grotesque.

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“Destruction of Accountability and Democracy ARMED & READY, Captain.”

“Make is SO, Commander Data!”

Maybe someone could find a reference to this, because I couldn’t, but I could have sworn I remember seeing an interview with the TNG set designer, Herman Zimmerman, about a government lab that was modeled on the Enterprise D bridge. The interview was probably about 20 years ago.

I’m guessing there’s more than one government Enterprise bridge.

That guy’s playing Galaga.

This was uploaded on 2007, and it looks like its from much earlier.

Well, there is this where he says he “…worked for the Army doing Iraqi Villages, which are like sets”

And Iraqi villagers, which are like extras, only paid worse…

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