Lost Voice Guy: Stand-up comedian wins over audience without uttering a word


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/23/lost-voice-guy-stand-up-comed.html


That was brilliant!


“It just means that you better not get stuck behind me on the stairs if there’s a fire.”

No problem; he looks like I could carry him.


noun: guffaw; plural noun: guffaws

a loud and boisterous laugh.
synonyms:	laugh heartily, laugh loudly, roar with laughter, roar, bellow, cackle

I would like to add an (ETA to add the un) unexpected bark of laughter to that list.
Whatevs, I LOLed several times. :rofl:


A few more performances:


Heartwarming ending with the ovation and the wonderful smile!


Would 100% want to see a full comedy show of his.


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