Comedian pranks the world by pretending to be flight attendant who taped violent bro to seat

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I hope this is the one gets famous enough that people will recognize him, and finally catch on that these videos that hit big every few months are fake. Hilarious, but fake.


Wasn’t this guy on BB previously for another viral prank video that people thought was real? I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about.


The Fritos Union rep gag


Thanks, I’d just found it on his youtube page. :grin:


I love that an actual news source thought “we’ve got the breaking news video!!” and rushed to put that on air without reviewing it.

It’s right at that level of the airline crash pilot names as far as deep journalism goes.

If you don’t remember back 8 or so years, here’s a much more youthful John Oliver to fill you in: Ho Lee Fuk - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Video Clip) | Comedy Central US

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And Piers Morgan took that seriously? I’ve always thought him a half-wit, so no surprise there.

Excellent comedy bit, though.


The sound he makes when he pulls the duct tape out the roll. HAHAHAHA! Tears!!!


Damn i wish i had seen this without knowing it was fake, the process of figuring that out and going NO WAY would have been priceless

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holy crap i never knew that one was fake

He didn’t take it quite as far as he took this one but still, I remember thinking whoa that union rep is going a bit off script

Hilarious, but no actual flight attendant (especially one of color) would ever be so candid, as long as they want to stay employed - this comedian is just expressing what many of them probably think to themselves whenever dealing with insufferable asshole customers.

“Better than any Xmas present you will ever see!”


It’s one of those things that I think people buy into because it’s simply too funny to check.

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