Lou Rawls sings about why you should take your blood pressure medication (1970s)

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So smooth.

That clown at 0:37 though.


And here’s Carly Simon singing about safe driving.


My friends think I’m crazy because I have two copies of this LP.

They’re probably right, I guess. Whatever.


If Lou Rawls told me, in song, to jump off a cliff I would probably do it.


This is way better than the Mary Poppins version.

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Anyone know if they chose him based on some intersection of general popularity and availability for the job; or was the pick at least in part about trying to deal with the notable racial disparities in hypertension prevalence and control? I know that’s a well known thing and matter of some concern now; but the 70’s are a foreign land to me; so I’m curious if that was a matter of concern then(I suspect it was still a matter of fact; but no idea how concern levels have moved over time).

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I remember this commercial, but did not remember that it was Lou Rawls.

Lou Rawls was such a badass that he died twice.

“You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” is my karaoke jam.

And come to think of it, I do take my blood pressure medication!

Is that Trump in the driver’s seat on that album cover?

That clown gave me high blood pressure.


Yes, it’s definitely purposeful that an African-American family is portrayed in the ad. Given that this was the early 70s, Rawls might have been chosen as the singer regardless, but the ad’s specific focus was exactly the kind of thing these public service messages targeted. It’s also one of the many things that fooled me into thinking that responsible adults were in charge of the world.

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