Racist Ronald Reagan called Africans "monkeys" in taped call with Nixon

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Just when you thought the right couldn’t love Reagan any more.


this is the moment trump reagan became president


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You had it right the first time


The Great Communicator got his point across to select private audiences, too, it seems.


Nixon’s paranoid penchant for recording conversations has turned out of be quite the Southern Strategy playlist. Though they laid the tracks to hell, neither of these inveterate racists would be bigot enough for today’s GOP.

But hey, glad to see the derail quibbling over Rob’s offhand remark about the Mouse is off to a rollicking start. /s



This may be controversial, but I’m starting to have my doubts about this Reagan guy. :thinking:


My favorite Hollywood/Burbank story is how Lee Marvin fucked with Ronald Reagan a lot during the filming of The Killers (1964).

ETA: If you can find the DVD, there’s a good extra on the disc where Clu Gulager talks about a few production stories.

Probably the most prominent conservative Republican Lee Marvin ever worked with was Ronald Reagan. Granted, Reagan was not nearly as extreme as Donald Trump. However, he was a former actor/personality who cashed in on that popularity for a political career that ended him up in the White House.

What was Marvin’s opinion of Reagan, whom he worked with several times? Career-long agent Meyer Mishkin: ” You know, funny thing with him and working actors, was that he got along with working actors, as far as I know. But once, in the early days, he was doing a show with Reagan, G.E. Theate r , or something like that. I said to him, ‘What do you think of Ronald Reagan?’ He said, ‘He’s a jerk.’


I clearly recall from 1981 one of his go-to stump promises (honed for places such as Boston, Mass back then) to help communities keep their “traditions”. Dog whistle.


The National Review’s senior editor sure picked a hell of a time to protest these accusations of long-standing conservative racism a couple weeks ago…


The replies are just dunk after dunk after dunk!


What Jay here doesn’t seem to understand is: Racism isn’t just some pure belief in the heart that someone consciously holds and nurtures.

It’s the outcomes of behavior and positions. If someone talks like a racist, and supports racist policies, and what they do is racist, then that makes them a racist even if “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

The republican party is a party of racism. That’s the consequences of its actions, regardless of how its own participants feel about it.


Reagan was the flagship vanity pop culture meets politics project. Puppetry of the Presidency. He opened the flood gates of this sludge pool.


Also all the right-wingers attacking AOC for mentioning that Reagan was racist. (As usual, it just functioned as a display of the ignorance of her attackers…)

But it’s interesting how often I’m seeing the Republican argument along the lines of “You called us racist all those years, so now racism has no meaning/that made us actually racist.” It’s like they finally are acknowledging the racism of the current Republican party because it’s too blatant to ignore, and it apparently now bothers them enough that they are desperate to blame it on liberals. Yet it didn’t bother them for the last 50 years. It’s almost as if the fact that others are now acknowledging it is the real issue…


Adding to the list of things I didn’t think I’d need to write about:

The BBS is not the place to tie simian similarities to POC, even ironically. Even when including white folk.



History lesson: The GOP was moving to being a full out racist party since Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., at his National Review in the mid-1950s, culminating with Nixon ~1968 when he implemented the GOP southern strategy i.e. making the party the safe place for racists and racism, if you know what I mean. Buckley, a New England scion, believed that no way could there be equality between the races because blacks were inferior and always would be, etc. (Yet there’s this irony: WFBJr was famously catholic. Yet just a generation earlier, anti-Catholics was so huge a thing that it was an inspiration for the Nazis.)
The corporate Democrats, of course, would never point that history out. But there’s no reason why anyone else — okay, outside the establishment media because informing and enlightening people isn’t their job; they only say is but proof is wholly lacking — can’t point it out and keep repeating it.


I’ve often pointed out that Trump is just a cruder version of Reagan. Thanks for definitive proof.


Why is this news?
Who cares now, what Reagan and Nixon did 3 decades ago?

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