Watch Ronald Reagan scold haters: "This country will not stand for your conduct"


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Ah, for the days when condemning White Supremacy was a bipartisan issue.


Looks like the future ain’t what it used to be…


Reagan still had to worry about independents back then.


It still is, don’t believe that the behavior of one orange man represents the values of millions of people.


Reagan is a bad example.


One of the many awful things about Trump is how liberals are rehabilitating Reagan as some sort of anti racist. The guy who pushed the idea of the “welfare queen”, opposed the creation of MLK day, and supported apartheid South Africa. Also he had campaign posters like this:


Don’t forget his whole ‘young bucks eating steak on your dime bullshit’
(by young bucks he is code word whistling “π!@@#%& are stealing your tax dollars!”)
Same crap as Mango Mussolini just presented with more Hollywood flair.

Christ what an asshole.


Think of it this way: if even someone as problematic as Reagan can publicly condemn White Supremacy without reservation then any politician should be able to.


Reagan is practically communist compared to where the GOP sits these days. I can’t support everything Reagan did or said, but he gave amnesty to illegal immigrants. I can’t even imagine the GOP doing anything close to that only a few decades later.


I think it has to do with Reagan being the standard the GOP would like to hold itself to, him being in their eyes their most successful president in recent decades. Liberals use that as ammunition, to point out the many ways in which current Republican politicians don’t measure up


Totally. Add that one to the pile, along with ‘baskets of deplorables’, ‘superpredators’, or ‘clinging to god and guns’.

It’s almost like politicians are spineless dopes who eagerly slander groups of people to pander to their base.


Oh but it does represent the values of millions of people – tens of millions, actually. Not a majority in the U.S., but still, millions and millions, for sure.


Ah, for the days when anything even could be a bipartisan issue.


I despised Reagan back in the day (I’m old enough to have been able to vote against him, twice), and I’m sickened by the right’s hagiography of that deeply mediocre man.

But I won’t hesitate to give him credit for being right here, and laying out his case forcefully, unambiguously, and eloquently.

I won’t hesitate to rub this in the faces of conservatives who have any sense of history.


The invocation of St Ronnie’s words in this case (an exception to his administration’s general racism) won’t do anything to change the minds of the Know-Nothing 25% – they’ll just pick and choose according to what’s convenient, as is their wont.


This isn’t where to look for inspiration.


I would say the neo-nazis are in that basket of deplorables, so that is actually pretty darn accurate. Not familiar with ‘super predators’? Clinging to god n guns, again, pretty darn accurate. So your problem with calling a nazi a nazi is… ?

So I just looked up superpredators: from a Hillary Clinton speech 21 years ago about gangs? and some Clinton era crime bill. Gotta be tough on crime! (grrrr!) and drugs! (snarl!) and thugs! (whoopsie, racism?)

“Just as in a previous generation we had an organized effort against the mob. We need to take these people on. They are often connected to big drug cartels, they are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called superpredators — no conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first, we have to bring them to heel.”

I’d say kids who are damaged by a harsh upbringing, a contaminated environment, a life of crime and have “no conscience, no empathy” no future other than the Darwinian drug gang short pier, well you can point at her statement and say latent white lady racism… not gonna defend that. A stupid thing to say. I would ask if there were some use of that phrase by others prior to HRC using it? She specifically says ‘that are called’ meaning other folks may also have used that term back then. Note, it wouldn’t excuse what seems a pretty callous statement about children.

Politicians label groups all the time. I hear what you say, but if the jackboot fits?


Right. But it is a place to look for irony. And hypocrisy.


As racist as Reagan was, he looks like a saint when compared to 45.