Ronald Reagan was Donald Trump, until he was president

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Outside the USA he was Trump while he was president too: he was considered to be feeble minded, a bluffer, laughably uninformed, and a complete shit with silly hair.


I was only 5 yo or so when he termed out, but I get them impression that a lot of US liberals viewed him exactly the same way.

This Trump/Regan comparison is pretty encouraging, though, given the lack of fascist uprisings or nuclear wars in the 80’s. Still, it only takes one of either…

Ronald Reagan was Donald Trump, until he was president
But only Trump will be Trump when he's president!*


  • Trump 2016!

This reeks of spin. I guess the GOP is going to hold its nose and go with Trump after all.


And we are still suffering from the fallout of his shitty administrations policies.


My dad (not a Trump supporter, probably just going to stay home on election day and it won’t matter in his state anyway) made a few of these comparisons early in the primaries. I point out what I considered an important distinction: Reagan was a professional actor who knew how to take direction, while Trump is a chairman and (I have to admit it) expert manipulator used to being obeyed. I suspect he would be much less malleable in office.


Reagan would be burned at the stake by today’s TEAGOP.

That said, I still think Reagan was a shity President.


Like “one was governor of the most populous state in the union before he sought the office, and the other has no record of public service whatsoever.”


I was only saying to someone the other day the RR was actually unpopular in office but the US conservatives spin it to the most popular president evarrrr! And they would be happy to do that with Trump.

And that in both cases grown ups would run the show as the main man would have little interest in “details”. Reality was, and is, of little concern to conservatives.


Lib’ruls. Let’s look at what the people around him said:

“I’m glad he consults somebody.”

  • House Speaker Jim Wright on President Reagan’s astrologer.

“Like reinventing the wheel.”

  • White House spokesman Larry Speakes on the process of preparing Reagan for a press conference.

“[Reagan] only works three to three and a half hour hours a day. He doesn’t do his homework. He doesn’t read his briefing papers. It’s sinful that this man is president.”

  • Tip O’Neill

“You know, your nose looks just like Danny Thomas’s!”

  • Ronald Reagan to the Lebanese foreign minister, after listening to a half-hour lecture on the intricate realities of Lebanese political factions.

“You ask yourself how did it ever occur to anybody that (Reagan) should be governor, much less president.”

  • Henry Kissinger.

“We could declare war on North Vietnam. We could pave the whole country and put parking strips on it, and still be home for Christmas.”

  • Ronald Reagan, 1965

“You bet he didn’t remember; in fact, I’m sure that he worked overtime to make sure he did not forget to forget.”

  • Neil Reagan on his brother and the Iran arms sales.

“We are not trying to do anything to try and overthrow the Nicaraguan government.”

  • Ronald Reagan, 1983

Today the commie Marxist socialists have to slander him with facts like this:


One giant difference was that Reagan offered amnesty to undocumented immigrants for which those families are eternally grateful.

Trump, on the other hand, wants to put non-whites in their place, just like the old days when America was “great.”


Does this mean that 25 years from now, Drumpf will also be upheld as the gold standard of Republicanism?


I was thinking the other day that the persistence of Trump’s popularity among the faithful in fhte face of negative news stories resembled Reagan’s “Teflon presidency.”


If he wins not only will he be upheld as the gold standard of Republicanism but both parties will praise him as a great leader and cling to his ideas for decades even after they’ve been shown to not work.

At least if history is any guide.


Well this just plain old pisses me off.

To Republican partisans, it amounts to “hey, voting for Trump would be like voting for that other asshole you loved so much”. To regular people, it’s apologising for Trump by making out that he’s no worse than Reagan. Except (1) it’s only through dumb luck that Reagan didn’t ruin the world even harder than he did, and (2) Trump is already much, much worse than Reagan was.

The whole premise is like saying that, because you survived playing Russian Roulette in that POW camp, it’d be a good idea to try it again this weekend, but with three chambers loaded this time.


I wouldn’t hang that in on his good intentions, it could just as easily been that he was ineffective in his fascism.


Reagan was like Trump in some senses, but there are many reasons to believe Trump would be even worse than Reagan (who was a devastating nightmare of a president). Reagan was a feeble-minded, gullible, emotionally unstable fool like Trump, and was effectively able manipulate the press and public like Trump. But Reagan was always a figurehead for the party machinery that reinstated most of the Nixon admin. once he was elected. Trump isn’t a figurehead, but just a feeble-minded, gullible, emotionally unstable fool who will use the office however he feels like without any form of restraint.


You know what they say: lucky in work, unlucky in militaristic nationalist cults of personality…


So like Reagan, he’ll be generally viewed a as a better-than-average president when it’s all said and done?

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