Love your old PlayStation Portable? The RetroMiMi RK2020 will take you right back

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I would love one of these, but I am paralyzed by choice.

There’s sooo many of these cheap consoles which can emulate a massive library of retro consoles. It’s hard to pick one from the bunch.

I really love some of the game-boy form factors ones, though.

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I’m really just waiting for one that can handle PS2


I can offer only this much help: whichever one is being peddled on StackSocial’s BoingBoing Shop, a very un-BoingBoing collection of woo and second-rate trash, is ABSOLUTELY the wrong one.


Did anybody really love the PlayStation Portable? It had a few really, really good top tier games but it didn’t seem like Sony really ever knew what to do with it (or the Vita for that matter).

The Vita is a great emulation device after it has been hacked

It is a miniaturized PS1. You can rip PS1 ISO’s and fiddle a bit and play them off an SD card, largely without the problems you face with emulation (because it’s not emulation). It’s basically what the PS1 classics were you could buy and download (which I did with FF7).

And of course you have a lot of emulators as well. External video, etc. It was my gaming console of choice when I was travelling a lot around 2010 - 2013.

No experience with this, but have heard it’s pretty good.

For my money, the mobile console with the best tactile feel, and retro gaming bang for the buck is a DSLite with flash cart.

I have a Retroflag GPI around a PI0. Solid quality, it runds 4-6 hrs on black eneloops.

There’s at least one OS that brings GPI support, so zero config if you want that.

Edit: Link to previous post about the GPI with more info

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It’s no good for SNES or Megadrive/Genesis games though, the screen resolution and processing power is too low. The New 2DS or New 3DS works well for this, but is more complex to hack.

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Here’s a page about the RK2020, it lists lots of resources and reviews about the RK2020. It and mentions that there were battery and overheating issues in a previous version of the RK2020. The version on sale here here is the upgraded version, as it explicitly says 2 hrs recharge time “no overheating”. Price here is the same as everywhere else, with the coupon its actually cheaper.

There’s also a subreddit, people seem to like it.

Not too shabby, BoinBoing Shop. Hooray.


I really liked both the PSP and Vita. The only thing I didn’t really like about the PSP were the mini-cd contraptions for physical games.

The RK2020 is a clone of HardKernel’s Odroid GO Advance which is currently listed at $59 on their site. At the some point the RK2020 shipped with HardKernel’s software (their logo was visible during boot).

If you loved you childhood original Game Boy more than you little cousin’s PSP then Experimental Pi’s PiBoy DMG may be for you. Unlike the Retroflag GPi, its dimensions are the same as an original Game Boy and will fit your adult’s hand much better.

I loved the game echochrome. It runs well on emulators.

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