Lovely film of frolicking octopuses


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Y’know, I’ve googled “Why can’t I play Vimeo on my Firefox?” some many times, I’ve lost count. I’ve gone to, searched their site, no go…

I figure Vimeo’s just not interested in my eyeballs. So, if this ever becomes available as a youtube video, lemme know.

I was promised frolicking : (

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I don’t know about frolicking… I have a feeling that this guy has a scallop trapped in the bottom of a deep hole.

It puts the tartar sauce in the basket or it gets blasted by my siphon.


Flash? HTML5? Ask in its forum?

Since long before HTML5. I suspect that it’s one of my privacy-protecting plugins. It’s not Flash, as I have no problems with youtube videos. Often, even the preview static image doesn’t show up, just a big white space. For a while, I was able to play them by going to vimeo’s site and playing them in ‘couch mode’. But no more.

I’ve hunted through the Vimeo forums. Their FAQ says something like “you must have at least Flash version, er, 3.0, or something”. Flash is always the lastest, within three days.

Listen, they’re usually just little funny cat-meme-like videos. I can live without 'em.

Longshot: Go into the about:config tab and set to false.

I had issues with embedded Vimeo despite whitelisting it on Flashblock. This fixed mine, it might fix yours.

Already was set to false. For fun, I set it to true. Now, still can’t see the vimeos on BB, but on Vimeo’s site, I get audio but no video (my ‘click to launch the Flash’ button in the middle of the video frame remains there…).

Is it because of too much DRM? Not interested in pursuing it. Life is too short, man. There are enough distractions everywhere as it is.

Oh well. Thought it might be something to do with Firefox’s built-in mp4 player.

My guess is that there’s something from Vimeo that doesn’t play nicely with either a FlashBlocker or a part of Firefox, rather than a DRM thing.

Indeedy. :smiley:

i need to allow the scripts from embedly (in this case at least) in my noscript app. Then vimeo works in firefox just fine.

Mine is a bandwidth problem. “Only” 1 Mbps or something here. If I go to vimeo directly, it gets about 6 seconds in (title fades in) and then tries to buffer the whole video. It’s just not frolicsome.

Restless tentacle syndrome.

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